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  1. oi, remembah me?

    1. Lord Hitchcock
    2. Blurrenza


      i missed anything here? :s

    3. Lord Hitchcock

      Lord Hitchcock

      oculus formed, rolled a bunch of alliances... game died

  2. the last time you punched someone? and who?
  3. Lol, I like how GLOF involved in every single micro AA wars.
  4. 18+ and above? PPO is lookin' for you!
  5. is there any other games you played before?
  6. or you can have mine instead
  7. O - I'm getting real tired of your 'thing'. O - Lift your right hand and bend your legs. Swing your right hand over your face, now take it take it take it!
  8. probably because she loves it. in fact, every girl would it would be more inappropriate to call her gay. :frantic:
  9. It just seems like yesterday you were born. Time is cruel. I like wolves. I almost messed up with your alliance members before. :P Well, good luck on this anniversary and hoping for the same anniversary next year!
  10. arabic noob. should've done better on that art!
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