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  1. Yes. In the GPF(Global Protection Force) I was promptly given a 3M starting package as soon as my application was accepted.
  2. Greetings. As you are aware, this world is at war. Dangerous enemies tread on our planet. I have a mission to rid the planet of all oppressors by creating an alliance. Would you like to be one of the first founding members of the Earth's greatest need? I would appreciate it and provide help to you when you need it. Still not convinced? Let me tell you about my nation. Numen rose from the midst of chaos and anarchy to become a shining pinnacle of wisdom, technology and military power, protecting Earth from all oppression. Its people are loyal to the principles of their alliance and are willing to die for them. They will not stand for injustice and believe nuclear weapons are necessary for the survival of the good. They also believe peace is good, but a strong military must be maintained, hence our motto. We are protectors of the Earth and its honor and stand for righteousness and truth. Speak softly and carry a double-bladed lightsaber. We send this message to all nations of Earth: We defend justice and honor of Earth, yet recognize that offense is often the best defense. Enemies beware! We are protectors of the Earth and its honor and stand for righteousness and truth. If you are following in our footsteps, welcome! If you are following Hitler's footsteps, beware our power. We won't hesitate to attack. You think you can crush us...oh, how totally wrong you are... You can be one of us. I would appreciate it. Contact me and/or reply on this page to apply for the Protectors of Earth Initiative . If you don't wish to join, resources, financial and military aid would be greatly appreciated and I would make you part of the Official Protectorate Initiative and you would contact us in times of trouble for military support and/or financial support. Just PM if you are interested in the Official Protectorate Initiative. I appreciate you reading this. Sincerely, The Boy of Numen "Speak softly and carry a double-bladed lightsaber."
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