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  1. I'm happy to see so many of my old friends return and reunite! :)
  2. You truly never know what will happen these days ;) I wish TTE the best of luck in moving forward.
  3. Very happy to see this finally formalized. Here's to a happy future between our alliances! o/ IRON o/ CCC
  4. Voting in the CCC has come to a close, and the 2014 Winter High Council has been elected. Results are as follows: Chancellor, Britishdude (Rainblesser) Vice Chancellor, Shergzus Minister of Foreign Affairs, Llanowar Elf Minister of Defense, WrathofGod Minister of Internal Affairs, Tyler Canoe (Unfortunately, his campaign slogan wasn't "Tippy Canoe and Tyler too!") Thank you for your time, you may resume your pixel exploding.
  5. Awesome as always, NpO. o/ Polaris o/ Dajobo
  6. If that pun was on purpose, nicely done.
  7. So many Miley memes..... *twitches* I may have to surrender after just reading this thread, no nuke could do to me what has already been done. That being said, I'm looking forward to a big glass of orange juice helping me fight off the common cold this winter :)
  8. God in His sovereignty elected for it to be. ;)
  9. This is truly very sad to see. I hate to see RoK disband :(
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