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  1. High Emperor Aggron

    Recruit me please

    heh. watch me apply for R&R D:
  2. High Emperor Aggron

    Recruit me please

    I go by Aggron on IRC. I'm a moderately active CN player looking for a neutral-ish AA. If you have any questions feel free to pm me In Game or On Forum PM.    My History: A few minor AA's, which i left because I didn't feel I was the right fit. I then spent time in R&R, which I left as well. My longest AA membership was the ODN, which I left on awkward terms during the onset of this war.   I'll leave details out, but long story short, for a week or two I've been on no AA. Entertaining a few offers from some nice AA's. Though I'd rather come here to just find somewhere I can be a part of. I'm not die-hard neutral, but  i don't enjoy going to war when I feel I have no stake in the matter. Feel free to PM me IG or via Inbox. Chances are if you send a generic recruitment letter I'll turn you down.     -Cheers,   Aggron
  3. High Emperor Aggron

    République démocratique du Congo

    Malaria; To be extinguished? Mboti Sese (RDC Editorial)   Recently at University, a team of leading scientists have found a cure to multiple strains of Malaria. The disease which affects a large portion of the République is marked to be nearly extinguished within the next four years as production of the cure begins in earnest. This will be a monumental breakthrough when one of the major diseases in the RDC will be defeated by the people.
  4. High Emperor Aggron

    UN Security Council Discussion

    Discrediting this as the atrocity it is does not have a favorable light showing on A permanent member of the UN. How can you lead when you jest about the civil war in Rhodesia. It hardly shows you a competent leader. We ask you to be more civil in your discussions toward member states, so they seeing your morality, and good want for the people of the world will follow suit. Ultimately, changing your attitude can only benefit the peoples'.   -Lionel Bata
  5. High Emperor Aggron

    [CNRP] Locked Nations

     Going on a road trip, 11/18- 11/27  2013. I may be around here and there.
  6. High Emperor Aggron

    RDC Defense Thread

    Charles Mwando Nsimba will have a hand picked team in air by tonight, please allow [...] to land at your base. We expect to have a meeting taking place with you within the next two days.
  7. High Emperor Aggron

    Red Monsoon RP Sign Ups

    Pure Lands Persian Armoured Division, please.
  8. High Emperor Aggron

    GM Nominations

    iKrolm, Melech, Eva
  9. High Emperor Aggron

    CNRP OOC Thread

    Anyone else see that one pixel of Egypt that isn't marked at Athenian Federation.   :frantic:
  10. High Emperor Aggron

    République démocratique du Congo

    Two states, One Nation. Mboti Sese RDC Editorial (On the Rhodesia Conflict)   My brothers, those in Rhodesia have factions amongst them.. I look now at the blood that flows crimson into the République. I do not know the untold family I have lost in this conflict. Nor will I ever approve of the bombing of this country.. I.. There must've been something so deep a feud that these people would let themselves blood.. so deep a fissure that they'd kill men and women and children. I am praying for a day when bombs of no kind will be used, and when this disparate family realizes themselves and sit together at the table of good will.   Two states now formed in the nation, a Marxist-Lenninist state, and the Federal state. I do not know how there will be peace talks amongst the two states, nor do I know what unjust sanctions will be placed upon Rhodesia. But we still will hold our borders open to whatever manner of people may come. We will not turn away our family, No. We shall say to those who seek refuge. "Come, eat our bread and rest in our homes. You are our own."   Pray for our family in Rhodesia, my brothers of the République.   Pray for them.
  11. High Emperor Aggron

    RDC Defense Thread

    A half company of 50 soldiers would be sent into the Peoples' Republic of Rhodesia(sorry if misword) along with a team of ten doctors from the hospital. They'd be on a mission to bring aid to the rebels, although not supporting them through weapons or arms, they'd support humanity in that even though rebels they'd receive foods, and medical aid. The mission was deemed a failure and chastised by the temporary council, but ultimately was allowed on their own volition. When they crossed into Rhodesia, they'd no longer represent their homeland, they'd be stricken from all records, until they returned.. if they returned.      
  12. High Emperor Aggron

    [CNRP] Locked Nations

    Returning, sort of. Less busy but I'll probably be restrained to shorter postings. I'll read when able though. Previous date of the 18th still my marker. Thanks
  13. High Emperor Aggron

    Rebuilding, Reworking, and Fixing CNRP

    Yes to this   Not sure what this is aimed at, but yes to this as well :v
  14. High Emperor Aggron

    [CNRP] Locked Nations

    Lock from now 11th to the 18th. Busy busy.
  15. High Emperor Aggron

    New Jedi Order

    When do I get a light saber