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  1. Sapphirian Waterclaw

    Blue Wolf News

    In leading news, The Blue Wolf Federation has anounced that they are authorizing the recruiting of 100 additional police forces. The Federation has made a clear statement that military expansion is a low priority. Federation personel are modestly equiped with basic sub machine guns and bullet proof vests. Though the people desire a stronger military, the current size will suffice the protection of this small nation against foreign invasion of minimal scale. Rumors are spreading however about a new tech deal that may change that however...
  2. Sapphirian Waterclaw

    The Real Good Wars

    In every political world, there are those who seek to protect and those who seek to conquer. However, in the CN world today, rationality of rulers is dwarfed by the desire to bully smaller nations into submission. Though this is considered natural and an excuse for alliances to start wars, there is a lack of fore thought in general on all sides that makes the George Bush invasion seem sensible. For example, wars are constantly being declared world wide for unspecified reasons other than general dispute. Though some may find this mildly entertaining, the fact of the matter is nothing is quite like a good old catastrophic war that levels half of the world. The difference is the fighting has a purpose. Meaningless combat is humorous at first but gets old quickly as more and more new players with sizable potential leave because larger nations gang up on them for "Fun". This does not mean necessarily that larger nations are nuking the living crap out of new players. It means new players don't stand a chance against slightly larger new players. It is a slaughter pen of noobs. This was highly evident in the tournament version. Though everything reset every period of days, some new players to it gave up entirely on Cybernations in general. Not just tournament version. The entire game. And after talking with some, they actually would have altered the rankings considerably had they still played. Potential is being dwarfed by brute, dumb force. Now some may say alliances cover the bases for smaller nations. In a sense yes. However if an Alliance were to play their cards right, they could effectively wipe out the fresh blood of a rival alliance by bolstering their noobs to wipe out the other alliances noobs. This would be an interesting alternative to get hit, get paid, rebuild, get hit, get paid, rebuild.If instead of noob hunting, wars were fought over territory or disagreements. Tech deals already are filled with room for loop holes and cheating deals. If you are an alliance leader, act on behalf of one of your members and demand payment with interest. If it's done right, you'll have quite an interesting war as a pose what some wars are like. Or even better, team wars. Now I recognize it has been brought up before and one war or arms race I would love to watch would be between Blue and Black teams. Though one has a slight lead, it is only due to the laziness of the other. In conclusion, I encourage all readers to pay closer attention to how base raider wars are and how interesting it would be to have some hard nosed diplomacy for a change.
  3. Sapphirian Waterclaw

    The treaties go bump in the night

    ... one would think that a simple adjustment to one web's configuration would create enough damage to the trust at the heart of the web, ultimately dissolving the web. Then, one would simply mobilize all effective capabilities, be it their own military or the combined efforts with others, to engage and eliminate the exposed target. For example, revealing that a nation which opposed you for some time actually has questionable ethics towards both it's people and it's defeated enemies would shatter the trust developed and hence, crush the web system. These conflicting webs are very difficult to sustain. Just ask Switzerland in world war two. If anyone made one move to discouraging the theory that the swiss were neutral, the rumor would engulf them like a wild fire.
  4. Sapphirian Waterclaw

    Third World Nation In Crisis!

    The Blue wolf Federation has two tech :D No hookers or cocaine resources :unsure:
  5. Growing raider nations

    1. Sapphirian Waterclaw

      Sapphirian Waterclaw

      The number of raider nations has been increasing and many weak beginning nations are finding it difficult to survive on their own. A coalition of Alliances against raider nations might be a solution. Many alliances say they are against raiders, but a United Nations of Alliances might be a solution.

    2. Sapphirian Waterclaw

      Sapphirian Waterclaw

      Also, the alliance must be liquid. Instating itself only when the need arises.

  6. Sapphirian Waterclaw

    Third World Nation In Crisis!

    The Blue Wolf Federation is a pathetic lame and utterly useless nation. It has absolutely no money whatsoever due to it's all out expansion of around 20 miles. It lacks a military stronger than 40 armed drunks too hung over to take orders and is currently celebrating the new revolutionary development known as the wheel. It is a marvel for these people to say the least. It's round with an empty center, and the best part is... it rolls! A handful of sensible citizens actually left a few minutes ago to go die in a cave. That being more productive than living in this human pit of refuse and worthless junk. Some are learning that you can hide under trees to stay out of the rain as a pose to screaming it to stop.  With the notoriety of the Siberian river lizard, this small nation is desperate for foreign aid.