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  1. Corin

    War Stories

    You people and your 4-digit seniority.
  2. I heard the next Xbox will just be called "Xbox" not "Xbox 720" Same thing goes for the Playstation 4.
  3. Corin

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    You can ignore them. Just go to your profile and manage blocked users.
  4. Corin

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    The point I want to prove is you should not be harassing people around, if you couldn't resolve the issue, ignore it. And you, no need to be rude, no one asked you to comment this blog. @Farnsworth Lol wars are okay, but still, there's no need to harass people.
  5. Corin

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    I've been closely watching this ongoing situation about Tom. Many players are sort-of harassing him and some even are (indirectly) trying to make him leave the game. My point and question is: Why? Why do you want to make Riddle quit? The arguments say he is a "troll" or something like that. Internet (and cybernations) Rule 1# Ignore the trolls Now I'm not saying he is a troll, I'm just pointing out what others said. If you don't want to see his posts, just ignore him. Simple as that. Why start threads or blogs directly attacking him? It's ridiculous. Put yourself in his place. Would yo
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