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  1. Moving to gameplay discussions, Alliance Announcements is for in character inter alliance discourse.


    That said, I have mixed feelings when it comes to creating new servers. I think a major downside it presents is that it fractures the player base. If our operating theory is that many people would be off put by a full reset (due to years of invested time), creating a new server that siphons off younger active players would only seem to accelerate problems as it further weakens the replacement rate on the original server, while the new server remains under adopted. 


    I think the idea of accelerating the pace of play with multiple updates a day (12:00 and 24:00 for instance) holds some potential, but I suspect up scaling every aspect of the game (10x like you say) would be challenging to implement and open up the game to major imbalances if not carefully designed.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jack Layton said:


    Thank you, O Lord of the OWF. I had no idea that pointing to someone's nose shape, or indeed making reference to a person, was a warnable offence. In the future, I will be much more subtle with my descriptions of my enemies and references to outside figures. I stand corrected.

    Back to the topic at hand, there is not a six pointed star in Heaven aNiMaLz can wish upon for victory.


    Believe it or not mod sass is also a warnable offense.

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