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  1. I disagree. Using a simple meme or even a GIF to sum up your whole reaction to something is often times quite amusing. Though I can see how it could get out of hand.

    In some cases yes an image, even a reaction gif could be a meaningful stand alone contribution to a discussion. However there are at least as many other cases where it would be contentless and fall into spam territory. The choice is really between having a clear boundary or an ambiguous one, and we feel it's better for everyone (ourselves and you all) that the line is well defined. If we make it too murky well intentioned players may receive warns unpredictably as a consequence of confusion on the part of the acting mod or the forum poster.

    Basically we're not really cut out to be artistic curators, and you probably don't want us wading into those waters.

  2. Could I make a suggestion that images with text be acceptable? Having to reiterate the text of a meme below the meme's image is pointless and detracts from the presentation.

    Reaction images will require some text posted with them, regardless of if there is text in the image or not. While there are cases where exception might be warranted, in general reaction images are basically spam and don't contribute much to a discussion.

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