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  1. This is correct, resources from space wonders do not require you to have the resources listed. Just without the required resources you don't get those specific bonuses. This can also be seen in the descriptions of the resources in the information index. While for example Asphalt says
  2. Just to nip it in the bud a reminder that discussion of moderation issues, and especially accusations of rule violations, do not belong in the in character forums. Don't even go there.
  3. As has been clearly stated in the rules you are not allowed to interact directly or via a third party with another nation using the same network, as such as hartfw has stated you will need to look for others that are not on the same network.
  4. Moving to Open World, this thread is almost in its entirety OOC.
  5. Ease up on the personal attacks people. The forum rules apply here too.
  6. I fear that we do not restore nations that have been deleted due to inactivity before the implementation of inactivity mode. For more information I'd like to refer you to the information index entry for the new inactivity mode http://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Inactivity_Mode
  7. As established in the rules you are allowed to post on the forums with just a TE nation. Your forum account does however need to match either the ruler or nation name of said te nation. You are also restricted to posting in the TE forums, Water Cooler, Question Center and Moderation forums.
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