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  1. Had a fun fight, maybe we can get together and do this again sometime in the future?
  2. Huh... Never thought I'd see this. Ah well, had some good fun against you guys, wish you luck in future endeavours. o/ and all that jazz
  3. Do we have to save Taylors ex boyfriends this year instead of a wrecking ball? Heh...
  4. Here's to a good fight ODN. May your casualty counter climb higher than it ever has before.
  5. Having fought against some of your number last war(which was a heck of a fight by the way) I am torn between wishing destruction upon you and your house, and wishing you luck in the war. So why not both? Good luck in your war, and may it bring down your house. :P
  6. Plunder and Pillage! o/ Valhalla o/ War o/ Axes and all that good Viking stuff
  7. o/ NPL o/ Valhalla o/ Nuclear Vikings Open Valhalla's door, cause we're coming to party!
  8. Oh Ubuntu, your posts always brighten my day! :laugh:
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