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    Other then CN i play a large variety of games although mostly on consoles. I work for a large retail company as a part of the modular team. My gf and I recently had a baby boy, its changed our lives alot but definitely for the better. I like the typical saga movies, SW, LOTR, HP, POTC, etc..etc.. but also some of the older traditional movies. Anything else you can think to strike up a conversation dont be afraid =).
  1. Chances are when you get onto your computer you pull up your favorite music. Chances are you are either involved in or have seen whats going on in Planet Bob as far as the Equilibrium war. See a post that ignites a lyrical explosion? Got a song that fits an alliance to a T? Maybe you've just got a bad ass song you play when dropping nukes. Listen to pants on the ground when you put boots on the ground in a new declaration? Post it here for all to hear!
  2. Halo 4's campaign was certainly not long. It however was terrible.
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