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  1. Keithtonia has been returned! All Hail Emperor Keith!

  2. Here's a vision: I will acquire revenge for what happened almost 10 years ago on this game and nobody will be able to stop me. Be warned the next war will be of MY doing, the chess pieces are slowly being moved. Personas built, ranks acquired, false relationships made!! It's time for a new flailing generation to fall victim to the power and mischief of Emperor Keith. I have outlasted all prior rivals and now victry is assured. The Keithtonian Empire has been reborn before your very much unsuspecting and untrained eyes, Keithtonia Prevails!
  3. You'll now have to renegotiate your rug import contracts.....congrats~!!
  4. “Holding absolute power is heresy in Islam.”

  5. The end of the Zionist is near! Let was witness the death throws of this !@#$%^& child of the devil!

  6. Exactly! I treat our non-allies equally worse....with my grandiose statements calling for Israels destruction and what not...but lets not make this about me...if he wants to talk he can come to #GAKtown
  7. Notice the usage of I and me, and not we so that means my comments are my own so you can set your concerns with my statement aside. Thanks.
  8. seconded, no hard feelings though....Yuurei did try to pull some slick stuff a year ago against me. Glad to see TTE end, though its a shame I didn't get the pleasure of watching it all go up in smoke and chaos. Hope your "retirement" :huh: goes well.
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