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  1. Esial

    New Sith Order Announcement

    All hail Steve!
  2. Esial

    Dealing with Rogue GOONS

    I willingly endorse any meatbag willing to step up and end Joe's reign of terror. Edit: hit post button too early.
  3. Esial

    New Sith Order Declaration

    Just constantly digging for excuses for extreme failure.
  4. You're not funny or relevant, go away.
  5. Esial

    GOONS + LPH Announcement

    I always knew you were terrible LPH.   Congrats to both involved. :]
  6. Esial

    An LPH and NSO Production

    I can't believe we actually did it.   o/ NSO o/ LPH
  7. Esial

    An Imperial Decree

    [url]http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?search=515377&Extended=1[/url] Sup? This be a rogue or what is the deal?
  8. Esial

    An Imperial Decree

    Glad the war is over. May we all move on to more important things than bickering over what has happened, and look towards the future. The past is best left where it is, dead and gone.   That said, good war Kaskus. Glad Pacifica and Shangri-La were there to help out. Let us all look towards peace and now commence rebuilding.
  9. Esial

    An Imperial Decree

    I surrender to Lord Viceroy of Kaskus, Pollard. What are your terms?
  10. Esial

    An Imperial Decree

      I knew all along that wars were gauged this way, you guys laughed at me but I knew it was true!
  11. Esial

    An Imperial Decree

      This is obviously going beyond the point that was declared that aiding Kaskus is an offensive action, one we have to respond to in kind.