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  1. I want this to be the final straw that leads to the destruction of your illegitimate alliance.
  2. I call for a reinstatement of hostilities against GOONS.
  3. I am facepalming because you attacked an alliance affiliated nation and broadcasted it. Other than that, I respect your venture and wish you the best.
  4. Neo Uruk was the only one in my range who fought back for which I give him credit, and I held my own against him. It isn't my fault if none of the other people I fought were active. Edit: In addition, most of the GOONS in my range were inactive or were knockdowns who had nukes, meaning I had very few people to fight.
  5. Every GOON I fought during the duration of the war, I either fought to a stalemate or outright beat. So I see this as a tactical victory on my part. OOC: (The only reason I'm quitting is because of school and other committments).
  6. [shrugs] I guess your right. But your side has also taken some damage, oh well I don't care. This is probably a dumb question, but since DH and their allies lost: Who's the new hegemon?
  7. You're right! This is for attention, isn't that why everybody posts on forums? So people will see your posts and respond to them?
  8. Whatever happened to showing no mercy? EQ should have exterminated the enemy.
  9. I am leaving, but when I come back the Goon Order of Candy Asses is history. I'll make sure of that.
  10. So GOONS, I just want to know. How does it feel to get you're asses kicked? I mean, how does it feel?
  11. This was a short war. You should've kept hitting them til they disbanded. On that note I'm out until next summer.
  12. Now you realize what I've been saying all along.
  13. I wish we could say the same in this war :ehm:
  14. One slot just opened. Hurry up before you lose it.
  15. Winner/Tom Riddle vs all of CN Lex and RUKUNU vs GOONS
  16. Well true but I mean the rivalry itself.
  17. No, GOONS as in the actual alliance GOONS.
  18. Nobody ever mentions GOONS-NPL, why?
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