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  1. Cheers boiz. Thanks for the support. :D Don't hold back. Make them cry for mercy. :nuke: All the best.
  2. Please contact me if interested. The standard deal is 6mill for 100 tech. Nations who send tech ASAP can send 75 tech and will still receive $6mill in return or 50 tech for 4.5mill. This cycle can be on going for a couple of weeks. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504619
  3. Hi! I'd like to announce the creation of a new alliance called the League of Nations! The League of Nations was officially founded on 1 January 2013. The alliance was formed to promote free trade, economic growth and global security. It works towards developing the economies of its member nations, securing resources through trade and providing security for its members. The League of Nations is protected by the New Polar Order. Forum: http://cn-leagueofnations.webs.com/ The Charter I - Membership Admission • Any nation may apply for membership. • Nations that are involved in wars and apply for membership are not guaranteed military or financial assistance until that war is over. This will vary in different situations. • Nations that are granted entry will receive a starter pack of 3 million dollars to assist them in their growth or needs at the time. • Information relating to nation growth and alliance policies will be provided to each nation within the first week of their admission. • Nations will be expected to complete a very simple application process. Soon after they are expected to sign the alliance Charter, thereby agreeing to the alliance's policies and committing themselves to its obligations. Expulsion • Any nation may be expelled from the alliance, if a policy has been breached. • Nations that have violated a policy will be asked to justify their actions but in most cases the nation will expelled. • In some instances nations that have violated alliance policies will be allowed to negotiate the terms of their expulsion depending on the circumstances of their violation. • In rare instances the League of Nations will declare expelled nations as an "enemy of state" and may declare war upon these nations depending on the individual situation. II - Government • The government's decision making process is largely democratic. • Every nation has the right to put forth an idea or express their views on issues/problems. • The President of the alliance is the head of the government and leads the executive branch of the government and is the commander-in-chief of the alliance's armed forces. • The Vice President is the alliance's second in command. The Vice President works closely with the President and fulfils his duties and responsibilities when he is unavailable. The Vice President is the first person in line of the President's position and would ascend to power upon the resignation of the President. The Vice President is chosen directly by the President. • Any decision that the President makes, must be met with the consensus of the Secretary of Domestic Affairs, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Finance or the Secretary of Defense, depending on the decision or policy that needs to be made or changed. • For an issue to be brought to the attention of the executive branch of the government, a nation needs to notify the Deputy Secretary of Domestic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance or Defense depending on the issue. These members will then notify the Secretaries of each area, who will bring up the issue with the President. The President and Secretary can either ignore it or bring it to the attention of the legislative branch of the government (which consists of 3 elected members). These 3 members are the final step of passing, changing or repealing laws. When an issue reaches this branch of government it will be dealt with on a fair voting system in which the majority win. • Each Secretary, Deputy Secretary and the members of the legislative branch of government each serve a term of 4 months before being able to apply to be elected again. Elections last for 4 days and each member of the alliance can apply for leadership or vote. • The number of terms an elected official of the government can serve in a row is 2. • As well as the positions of the executive government there are several other lesser positions available. These officials would serve under a particular department. In order to take up this position nations must contact the Deputy Secretary of the particular department they wish to join. Depending on the department these officials take up roles such as recruiting, diplomats or bankers. III - Defence • An attack on one member nation is seen as an attack on all. • Each nation commits itself to protecting each other. • Nations will not attack other nations or alliances without direct permission from the Secretary of Defense and the President. • If the government decides to go to war nations are expected to play their part and follow orders. • If a nation feels that its orders are unfair or unachievable it can contact the Deputy Secretary of Defense who will negotiate the terms of their orders. • Nations are prohibited from attacking on or spying on other nations without direct permission from the President and the Secretary of Defense. • Member states who decide to go rogue and don't follow orders will be expelled and dealt with in a severe manner. • The Defense Department will attempt to provide all nations with assistance when requested. • Nations may only use nuclear weapons if they are targeted with them by their opponent. When this occurs nations are expected to communicate with the Deputy Secretary of Defense immediately and hold off further attacks until spoken to. IV - Trade and tech deals • The alliance works towards developing the economies of its member nations and securing resources through trade. • Nations may trade with any nation of their choice, apart from sanctioned nations or nations which are considered as an "enemy of the state". • If a nation is after particular resources which it cannot secure in the global market it can join an alliance trading circle or trade directly with another member nation. • Nations can also join tech circles which allow them to sell or buy tech for a negotiated price. V - Aid • Nations who are damaged through war, or feel as if they would like some financial, technological or military based assistance can apply for aid. • Nations can apply from a range of aid packages depending on their needs. These packages can be negotiated with the Finance Department. • Depending on the nation's situation and the aid deal it chooses it may or may not be expected to pay back the aid it received, during an agreed amount of time. VI - Roles/Positions • Nations can apply for government roles/jobs at any time. Jobs such as recruiting new members for example, will always be in need and provide good financial rewards. • As well as this, nations can also apply to join the executive branch of the government, during elections.
  4. Hi. I am interested in selling my tech. Happy to negotiate, but I usually go with 3 mill for 50 tech. I will accept 100 tech deals though. Also looking for long term trading partners. If interested send tech along with the proposed deal and I wil pay the tech after the offer expiration date. Contact at [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504619"]http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504619[/url]. Thanks.
  5. Hi requesting 3 mill to repay tech to buyers. Happy to work out a negotitation where I would pay back interest to aid giver. [b][url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504619"]http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504619[/url][/b]
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