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  1. AvengerFin

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Thanks Agent92, you made me feel a little warm inside. Just because we have this... thing going on doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it.
  2. AvengerFin

    Jihad on the Pervert Junka

    Explain me, Serberus, how an inactive newbie who has declared zero wars on AM is a violation that somehow excuses Coltaine? Because you still haven't.
  3. AvengerFin

    Jihad on the Pervert Junka

    And how many wars has he declared on AM?
  4. AvengerFin

    Jihad on the Pervert Junka

    Try taking a deep breath and a quick glance at your post before submitting it. You could have fit those two thoughts in one. I mean come on... Did you even check the nation? Pending, month old nation that's not fighting AM is the violation? Link to Teposeldo Link to Teposeldo's war page
  5. AvengerFin

    Jihad on the Pervert Junka

    I hate to be the guy but my reply will be in the form of a comic strip and some screenshots. The main violation is Coltaine joining AM to hit us. Correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked the war had been going on for more than 12 days. And as for the aid part. Well, we do have an actual system for tech deals. If the situation was different and our relations a bit healthier I think Galerion might actually let you in on it, maybe even let you licence the system. Then again, AM seems to have a system for actual war aid. Link to AM aid screen, clickay!
  6. AvengerFin

    Imperium Recognition of War

    Not just for the sake of interpretation, but for the sake of plain error correction. Makes your "govt level leak" much less of a govt leak
  7. AvengerFin

    Imperium Recognition of War

    Sorry to burst your bubble but those logs aren't from a "government meeting" nor are they from a "government channel".
  8. AvengerFin

    Imperium Recognition of War

    And you must realize that's the reason why we end up in these dead end situations? Letting a third party dictate what happens internally isn't just how things work, is it? It kinda tries to shove it up our sovereignitys rear end. I think we've had this same conversation for atleast three times now in a rather short period of time. If you overlook the fact that SNX was hit before posting the recognition of war with those forementioned "singular" 38 wars, that's what I've managed to gather too.
  9. AvengerFin

    Imperium Recognition of War

    Only 38 singular wars.
  10. AvengerFin

    M Inc and LN declare victory over SNX

    Somehow I feel this has something to do with Sephiroth not getting over the fact that SNX considers Operation Dog Pounds outcome victorious...
  11. AvengerFin

    The Codex Imperium

    I like you.
  12. AvengerFin

    The Codex Imperium

      As was I, no need to explain yourself.   And as for rebel, I was going to try and make up a nice reply, but I'll just say I got out from my 9 year long hibernation. And I'm not the only one coming back to life.
  13. AvengerFin

    The Codex Imperium

        You are absolutely right Seph.   To think that our members could be this satisfied with leadership that has gotten us a lot in a short period of time is just outrageous!