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  1. Oh hai.  Just thought I'd o/ TTE.  Thanks for making this happen.
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    Mindless hail begins in 3...2...1... Great news and congrats to our friends! o/AFTERMATH
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    Alliance/IRC Combo list

    [quote name='amstel78' timestamp='1343921779' post='3017850'] Color: Black [url="http://cn-knights.net/"]Knights of the Round Table[/url] (KoRT) - #cnknights [/quote] @Mogar Hello; was wondering when you were going to update the list with our information. Thanks!
  4. Greetings! We Knights of the Round Table are searching for new initiates! Our growing alliance is governed by democratic principles. Every knight has the right to voice his opinion and give his vote - influencing the events we are faced with. As a peaceful organisation, we are firmly against freelance raiding, but will defend our fellow members from foreign assaults with fierce loyalty. We also recognise your nation’s sovereignty, unlike many alliances, as well as your right to rule as you see fit. Becoming a knight is straightforward: Simply change your nation’s allegiance to [b]Knights of the Round Table[/b] and agree to follow the rules of our Royal Charter – by posting on our forum or sending one of us an in-game message! Joining our forums at [url="http://www.cn-knights.net"]www.cn-knights.net[/url] will give you access to the community and allow you to join in on the discussions or cast your vote at the round table. For more information on us, visit our wiki-page at: [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Knights_of_the_Round_Table_%282nd%29"]KoRT wiki[/url] Until the chance of our next meeting, fair thee well!
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    Alliance/IRC Combo list

    Color: Black [url="http://cn-knights.net/"]Knights of the Round Table[/url] (KoRT) - #cnknights