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  1. Wilcroft

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Mostly on-trend, slightly slower if anything:
  2. Wilcroft

    Moon Hotspot

    Help from the Mars Location: Moon Lat Moon Lon Probability 2.99999999 -136 92.37666% 2.99999999 -135 7.62334% 2 -136 0.00000% No idea why the spreadsheet is including that last one; maybe don't start with it?
  3. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    February 2019: Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability -27 -27 100.00000% URL Segment: &lat=-27&lon=-27
  4. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    Need confirmation, but spreadsheet says this is the location for January 2019: Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability 17.99999998 68 100.00000% URL: &lat=17.99999998&lon=68
  5. Wilcroft

    Moon Hotspot

    Based on the Mars location, the spreadsheet suggests one of the following: Moon Lat Moon Lon Probability -73 61 49.89754% -74 61 33.82306% -73 62 16.27939%
  6. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    December Mars Location 66.00000001 170 url segment is &lan=66.00000001&lon=170
  7. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    November 2018 Location: -21, -14 url: &lat=-21&lon=-14
  8. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    September URL segment based on the above (for the lazy busy): &lat=-23.99999999&lon=-21
  9. Wilcroft

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Yup! Didn't get to be one of the 10 oldest nations by quitting!
  10. Wilcroft

    Nation count within CN and trends

    I've got some spreadsheets with nation counts as well, if you're interested. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oCjIg4EUXs8AwTCr15WSOjvd00oeYDMyf2w_YCAter0/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Wilcroft

    Mars Hotspot

    &lat=-40.99999997&lon=-57 gives me 100%.
  12. Wilcroft

    Panning for Old GOLD

    There's still a few former GOLD holdouts (myself included) hold up in Alpha Omega...
  13. Wilcroft

    Silly Idea

    No.   As Kyriakos Raanb Dorou mentioned, Alliances were originally entirely unofficial. In fact (and correct me if I'm wrong), the first Great War was fought before there were in-game AAs, and the game had almost twice as many players then as right now. People will organize themselves as they see fit, with or without sanction status.   Alliances have never had any in-game effects. Even "sanctioned" status was just getting your alliance flag uploaded to the game, along with some extra publicity.   I dare you to tell DBDC, Legion, Non Grata, or any of the many other AAs that they have to disband, and let me know how that goes.
  14. Wilcroft

    Land Cap bug

    To be fair, an area of influence of 500,000 miles in diameter works out to be about 1000 times the surface area of the earth, or about 8x that of Jupiter. Not that game mechanics have to make real-world sense, but to give that number into some perspective. :P
  15. Wilcroft

    Nations in the World

    Amen. As a 9+year player, a lot of the reason I keep going is inertia. Invoking massive, radical changes or restarting the game won't keep players like me around. And with the number of flashy phone games (Clash of Clans, etc), I don't think CN could carve out a big enough market or player base if it went that route - there's just too much competition and noise. That said, an app/dedicated mobile interface wouldn't hurt. The ToS (as written) don't allow for any of us to develop an app, though.   Want to try out something radical? Test in the TE first, and see how it works there. That's what TE should be for, after all.