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  1. Surprise - this is is still an IC forum. Further references to "RL," some place called "Earth," or any other OOC/Earth history comments will result in warns.
  2. Consider this a verbal warning on the OOC references. [OOC] tags are only acceptable in very limited circumstances as a way of clarifying things that don't translate to the Cyberverse, and entirely OOC posts are never acceptable.
  3. Locked for having long since exhausted the original topic (and for being an abomination).
  4. Posting of other user's private information, such as real names or likenesses is forbidden. This includes information from social networking sites. Please read and follow the rules. There is zero tolerance for this sort of thing, and the owl is watching.
  5. Unless you're resurrecting Undertaker, gravedigging is a no-no.
  6. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/118838-re-tywinn/#entry3178763 Go nuts!
  7. Woops. Thread locked for now while I sort out warns. Edit: Thread's back open. As a reminder, this thread is about DBDC. The general warning against derailing the thread into personal arguments about Rey and 100 tech remains in place. The owl is watching.
  8. Verbal warning: stop derailing the thread into specifics about Rey and NSO. This is about DBDC.
  9. Consider this a verbal warning to all involved in the thread to stop speaking out of character (OOC) in this in character (IC) section of the forums. This includes references to "pixels," "deleting," "playing," "the game," or even "IC posting."
  10. Every single person in this thread has been around long enough to know that this discussion is way out of line for an IC forum. Thread locked while I sort out warns.
  11. This is an IC forum, so drop the OOC references and keep it IC. If someone else makes an OOC reference first it does not give permission to respond in kind.
  12. This is still an IC forum. Any more mentions of "the game," how people "played," etc. will result in warns.
  13. Here's a friendly reminder (warning) that this thread is in an IC section of OWF and, as such, references to the OOC/IC line, "the game" etc. are not permitted.
  14. Just a reminder that references to the "game world," "role-play," and "persistent game" are not permissable, even in an otherwise IC post.
  15. Reminder (warning) to stay on topic. Posts that are only about pre-war history that don't directly connect back to the topic at hand will result in a warn level increase for derailing.
  16. Consider this a verbal warning to the thread to stop using terms like "real life," "players," or any other OOC description of nation rulers. Future violations will result in full warning level increases. There are plenty of IC ways of getting most of this across.
  17. Consider this a verbal warning not to use OOC terminology when referencing events in an IC forum. Nations cannot be "deleted."
  18. Consider this a verbal warning to make sure all posts relate back to the topic at hand. It's okay to provide some background but posts that are entirely off topic history lessons will earn warn level increases.
  19. As this thread lends itself more to discussion of the war from a detached, OOC/player perspective, it's been moved to the OOC section of OWF.
  20. Wrong forum. Is there a right forum for this? Locked.
  21. Intentionally fake or insulting graphs, other forms of OOC insults, or thread derailment are not going be tolerated. Violations from this point forward will result in automatic warn level increases. You can disagree with numbers and methods without making needless personal attacks.
  22. This thread has outlived its purpose. Locked.
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