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  1. Actually I was more curious if Zoom taking control of that nation and then declaring war on GOD is something he will take ownership of, you know, since he is the new leader of the nation now.
  2. Whatever it takes, so long as you follow through with the claims you stake.
  3. Now that this ruler claims you lead this nation, will you defend it alone or enlist Non Grata's aid now that it is under attack again?
  4. Never implied that, Zoom. Out of curiosity about whether this was a raid turned vindictive like only NG knows how to do, or simply a creative liquidation, I pmd the nation ruler several days ago asking what his previous alliance was. He read it, but did not reply.
  5. Former member of Non Grata liquidating assets or something else? Also, hi!
  6. Source: Imperial Announcement from the Global Order of Darkness
  7. Phineas


    That's a rather exaggerated reaction to the OP, where he described how he white-hatted a cause and went to war himself.
  8. magicninja and kerschbs, I appreciate your answers. You've given me much to think about.
  9. Phineas


    I like the cut of your jib.
  10. Perhaps instead of unsavory, I should have been more direct and wrote the following: Exclusively via the C&G Union, GATO is shackled to the following alliances and blocs that are quite open about not sharing anything resembling an embrace or support for world peace: TLR: MDoAPs with Doom House members MK and GOONS and Pandora's Box members GOONS and Non Grata ODN: MDoAPs with Doom House member MK and Pandora's Box Member Umbrella GATO: No direct military treaties with Doom House or Pandora's Box alliances The International: Also no direct military treaties with Doom House or Pandora's Box alliances Two of these alliances are not like the other two, thus the OP re: GATO. INT gets a pass here for obvious reasons.
  11. I'm sorry that you misundertand me. I questioned how GATO's members reconcile the disconnect between a charter they hold very sacredly with their membership in a bloc that has some unsavory ties and associations. If anything, I understand the place where they find themselves today a little better. They feel they are operators in a political web that has little rhyme or reason where principles are concerned and, as such, it appears that they think they are trying to make the best of it. Also, thanks and you're welcome.
  12. Thanks for the honest answer, Laslo. A few more things make sense to me today.
  13. That's Hope you're feeling okay today!
  14. Touché. Does the membership of GATO believe that membership in C&G embraces and supports world peace?
  15. The preamble to GATO's charter in part reads as follows: Does the membership of GATO believe that membership in C&G promotes world peace?
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