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  1. Meanwhile in the lesser known [i]Sasquatchia[/i], Imperial Regent Kevlar putters around at speeds roughly in the 70s. Running entirely on Wookiee hair and half-eaten burritos, it's a miracle that it runs at all. The vessel is a retro-fitted cargo ship with a smokestack for slow-cooking ribs. It turns out the Empire has a strict policy against furry creatures ruining the fine leather seats of command ships. And the Emperor isn't a fan of shedding on his Imperial garb. Puh-leez, don't act all surprised when you keep a sasquatch on as a member of your Ruling Council. At least I'm not one of those simple-minded Wookiees. Speaking of, should probably toss another one into the BBQ pit so I can make the rendezvous with the Fleet.

    Hmm...maybe I should stop while I'm ahead...

    Congratulations to all :P And thanks to Chim for serving the Empire for so long!


  2. Kev, I respect you for what you have done, and what you have pulled GATO through. And I give full support and praise to all the time and hard work that GATOans have put into rebuilding your noble alliance. However, I disapprove of what NPO did to bring you down to that level and hold you there. That is the problem I have. I show full support for you guys and wish nothing but the best for you. :)

    o/ GATO


    Thank you for the clarification and the support is very appreciated.


  3. Well thats certainly possible. However I would like to look through a different paradigm; one not clouded with that 'peace and love for all' dribble NPO only preaches when they are scared. NPO is losing major ground in the PR war, and are scratching for every inch they can grab. So you give them their peace, pat them on the head, and tell them if they stray too far from the teet of Pacifica or start making decisions contrary to the wishes of their former master Chris_Kaos might make a dramatic return to CN.

    Now I ask, how long till you roll them again?

    The fact that you're trying to play off all the hard work that GATOans and NPO members have put into rebuilding this great alliance is sickening. Convenient of some people to grab a hold of our hard work and try to claim a slice of the pie. Hijack elsewhere, for our work is not yours to claim.

    I can see this getting old rather quickly :P


  4. congrats to GATO and Pacifica. only the future will tell what this treaty was built on. currently only two alliances know the truth and anyone outside will only bias it to see what they want to see.

    This, to me, stands out among a sea of comments. I applaud you for your insight. :)

    Thanks to all the well-wishers. It is emphatically a new era for our alliance and I look forward to being a part of it.


  5. I am not saying they are evil, just that they do not act without reason. Yes, keeping you "complacent" is probably why the viceroys were sent(I would use the word docile or lacking the strength to be a threat.) If they were really interested in strengthening your alliance, they would allow you to have outside treaties or at least recieve aid with other alliances. Tech deals would have made GATO strength increase ALLOT faster.

    The only real response you provided to my arguments was that "Those responsible for rebulding our alliance don't want to be here forever they'd rather be devoting their time and effort to NPO.",

    but by keeping GATO docile, they help keep a potential threat from forming. If they were really interested in rebuilding your alliance, they are doing a HORRIBLE job at it. Not allowing you to, as I said before, recieve foreign aid or create treaties are extremely counterproductive to building an alliance.

    Note: I am not saying GATO has not improved since the war, just that they could have done it with the NPO and if NPO was just interested in restructuring GATO internally it would not have taken 9 months.

    Your information is outdated.

    Why would a Viceroy make us complacent? If anything, shouldn't it make us anything but complacent?

    Our primary aid partner during the rebuilding phase was, as is well-known, NPO. We initially received aid for the simple purpose of rebuilding. We later did tech deals, which were altered to our benefit profit-wise. If your beef is with why we weren't purchasing technology, then the answer is simply because we didn't have the money at the time. Besides, there wouldn't have been a point to beefing up on technology when most of us were ZI.

    Currently we aren't restricted to NPO for technology deals, so I don't see your point on them keeping us docile or hindering our growth. Second, GATO hasn't been a threat to NPO for ages. If you had made that claim anywhere between GWI and GWIII, then it may make sense. But now? GATO isn't an aggressive alliance.

    And if the measure of an alliance is simply by its flow of foreign aid and the proliferation of treaties with foreign entities, then we aren't going to get very far. For one, our foreign aid isn't as tied up as you claim. For two, our focus is internal, not external. As well, what is the point in a treaty that isn't backed up by a real and true friendship? Our greatest friends stood by our side when we needed them most. It takes time and effort to make a real friendship like that.

    So I call bunk on the docile claim.

    The true measure of an alliance is the tenacity of its members and the incommensurable bonds of friendship they share with each other and their allies.


  6. I don't understand why this argument is wrongly used so often. You don't have to retain sovereignty over an alliance to help them rebuild. It has been nearly a year now really. As was stated previously, with the war many of the players simply lost interest, they were demoralised. Do you really think having an viceroy take over does anything to help with that demoralisation? (perhaps the biggest problem an alliance can face after losing a war so decisively). Ofcourse not. Half of the rebuilding process is securing funds and the other half is keeping people interested in the game. Both of these were stifled by the viceroyalty.

    It's only wrong when you understand it incorrectly.

    In the post-war period, those in charge were put in place for the sole purpose of laying the foundations for the integral institutions and processes that run and perpetuate our alliance. The war, as has been stated, sapped a good majority of our membership, both in the literal sense (decline in membership) and in the psychological sense (decline in activity/caring). The Viceroy team stands as a foundational piece to the rebuilding of these internal processes and the training of individuals to take the places of those who left en masse during and after the war's destruction. Frankly, certain practices were virtually impossible in our state. So you're right, in part, on the purposes of rebuilding: 1) the flow of funds and 2) increasing activity. Were these truly demoralizing aspects? I wouldn't say so entirely. Losing a war is demoralizing. Losing your allies is demoralizing. Losing your fellow members is demoralizing. Having a former enemy install a Viceroy (which you approved) with the intent of reshaping your relationship and rebuilding your alliance, not as much. Obviously we weren't taking to the streets in joy, and obviously we'd rather be free, but I don't see this as a crushing moral defeat.

    In regard to the continuation of these processes, you have to understand that the role of the Viceroy evolves over time. While initially it took on a direct hands-on role, because it was inherently necessary to progress, the role becomes less and less so over time. The aim has always been self-sufficiency. We have had to rebuild virtually every aspect of our alliance from the ground up and we've worked hard to do so, with guidance from the Viceroy team. Are they absolutely necessary at this stage? No, I wouldn't say so. But they aren't intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the alliance anymore. They're still here watching our progress, watching us in action, and stepping in when necessary. But really, their need to be here is slowly fading out. Those of us who are involved in the inner-workings of the alliance have worked alongside these people for quite awhile now, and I'm sure most of us would tell you that they aren't an interfering or constraining presence. Turns out they are people just like you and me. Turns out they have high hopes for our alliance. I'd say they are proud of the work they've done and are proud of the progress we've made.

    Thus, we come to the key distinction of what their role is now. Are they there for simply !@#$% and giggles as it seems to be proposed? I wouldn't say so. Anyone who has been in a position of leadership in GATO knows how much of a struggle that can be :P Are they necessary? Probably not. I think we have a few things left to prove to them and, as well, to ourselves. Nothing grandiose, but things we'd like to see. At least that is my take. Believe me, we all want to be our own alliance. And we'll get our freedom. We are our own judges. And while I admire the concern (whether dubious or not) of the world community as to our status, it has, and always will be, our own decision. Call it what you will, but the world community does not have a say in this. And frankly, we and our allies fought a long war that was wholly one-sided. Our future will be in our hands where it is meant to be. Niceties aside, we can handle our own business. People can talk all they want. We're the only ones who have to do the legwork.


    Also :wub: Chim & IAA :wub:

  7. You say "on both sides". What incentive does NPO have to end the viceroyship? If GATO is amiable enough to it and you don't want foreign entities getting involved, why would NPO give up control over GATO?

    From what I have known of the NPO, they are a pretty smart bunch and don't do things without a reason.

    Yeah, you totally caught us on that one. NPO is teh ebil and they sent all their eye candy to us to keep us complacent (baka, Mari, Cortath, SDRD...well...not so much SDRD :awesome:). They knew we were a sucker for a pretty face! Oh you clever Pacificans :P

    And NPO probably wants to end the viceroyship at some point because the position is cursed. We've already gone through like two viceroys B)

    On a more serious note, I think we as an alliance know NPO better than most people do. We've had a rather interesting relationship. Despite our long history, many realize that it is in the past. The dynamics of the relationship have, quite obviously, changed. Those responsible for rebuilding our alliance don't want to be here forever. They'd rather be devoting their time and effort to NPO. The length of their stay will be wholly determined by the resolve of GATOans. Personally, I'd say we're damn close.


  8. Did any of you ever stop to think they may be helping GATO get back on their feet? Maybe GATO wants it. Either way, why do you need to butt in when you do not know the correct answer. Pacifica will release them when they see fit, these post will only delay the process as Moo has stated before. So if you want Pacifica to release them when their time is up, you should knock off this kind of posting.

    I don't think that anyone necessarily wants a Viceroy. We have one regardless. The question is whether the Viceroy is beneficial or detrimental to our well-being. In which case, I'd say they've been of great help to us and with their help we've been seeing steady growth since the war's end. Obviously it would be ideal to witness bountiful growth on our own accord, but we have to work with what we have, not with what we wish to have. The Viceroy team is not an imposing one nor one that has constrained us. While there will always be the basic distinction between having full control over our alliance or not, they aren't an imposing factor and have been quite helpful. I actually wouldn't mind if a few of them stuck around for a bit (we're kidnapping baka) :P

    For as long as our history with Pacifica has been and as violent as our clashes have been, I would say the responsibility they have shown in regard to our alliance has been rather level-headed and quite considerate to our community's practices. It will be a relief when we are released from the terms, but not in the sense that we will be glad to be rid of them. Simply that we will be happy to have accomplished our sovereignty. They have done a lot to help us progress, and I don't think we will forget that anytime soon.

    It's easy to not fully understand the situation from an outsider's perspective. I believe we all appreciate the support that has been given, but we ultimately have control of our destiny and our resolve will bring us to our destination more so than any other factor.


  9. From my understanding, it is not only your right, but your duty to overthrow the emperor when you have the opportunity.

    Anything close to a release date for GATO?

    As to whom I'd like to see free, that would have to be NAAC. I miss those guys.

    We're making big strides toward achieving, yes :) In the meantime, time to grow grow grow! ^_^ Oh, and I definitely second you on NAAC. It's hard to think of a more dedicated ally in all my time at GATO. Them and IAA :):wub:

    Also, RV: You're just mad because you didn't win AC! :P


  10. I'm glad to see that the oldest alliance on Bob is still ticking. Where's my Esau? :awesome:

    He's probably off losing a chess match. Poor kid, never had a chance!

    garbunkel -- If it makes you feel any better, I've limited myself to only wearing them on the weekends. A gal has to stay classy.

    James Wilson -- Psh, I AM the sasquatch. Peter Falk is about as sasquatchly awesome as you get. For real.


  11. Kevlar, still in GATO. The only thing surprising is your not Assembly Chairman. Your one of the few old timers in GATO I actually liked. I wish GATO the best on their long journey back to CN Politics and the sanction race.

    Been sitting and yelling from my coveted lawn chair for so long that I got stuck to it, so I stick around to avoid the painful removal process :P I did run as AC for a spell, but I'm more than pleased with the leadership that has followed. Both Morte and now MTTezla have done fantastic jobs, much better than I could hope to achieve. I'll stick to where I'm needed :)

    Thanks for the kind words one and all.


    Oh, and Barb-- Funny you should mention that, because I think the Praetor name was coined by MTT :P One of those last minute things or something like that. In the official capacity, I believe SDRD is our acting MoFA and hence why a separate title was necessary for the GATO representative of the Foreign Affairs branch. My role is mostly bureaucratic in nature, though :P I don't expect the name to stick forever.

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