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  1. o/ DL o/ Atlas This has been on the table for months now, it's great to see it finally confirmed.
  2. To commemmorate the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, where protestors were campaigning for the 8 hour day (something which they eventually won, and you can all thank them for that). An unknown person chucked a bomb at the police and 7 anarchists were subsequently sentenced and hanged in what was clearly an ideological attack on the labour movement. Sweet video. Thanks for the mention <3 Happy birthday, LSF!
  3. Congrats MCXA! You should introduce us to your friends some time.
  4. Happy birthday NSO I <3 you guys
  5. Perhaps we should demand £8billion in reps for the ~2 billion people killed by capitalism multiplied by 4.
  6. I literally explained the reasoning behind this to you at least 5 times over IRC. Everyone else in DL seems to have understood it...
  7. I can't really see anything silly or hypocritical in what he's saying here.
  8. We have no spies in INT, or anywhere at all for that matter. Once again, these were leaks from an individual in your alliance.
  9. DL ain't doing any spying. This info came to me out of the blue from the mouth of an upset INT member. No spying involved on our behalf.
  10. I can't speak for the rest of DL, but yeah I'm aware of this. I'm pretty sure it was originally just an innocent translation of "the Left" into a cool-sounding language, which also happened to be the name of a political party. I pushed for the name to stick cause I study German and therefore like it when things revolve around the country. Idgaf about the real die Linke.
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