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  1. Onward to Victory, comrades! o/ GATO o/ UCR
  2. The Die Linke Co-Prosperity Sphere continues to build socialism worldwide!
  3. Thanks a lot, man. That's pretty cool of you.
  4. Onward comrades, victory comes to those who struggle.
  5. The UCR constitution specifically protects the rights of free speech and freedom of religion. All members are allowed to have whatever religious affiliation they please, or none if it pleases them. I have never tolerated and will never tolerate discrimination within the UCR on the basis of Religion, Ethnic identity, Sex identity, or sexual orientation or lack thereof. Anyone, who is willing to swear fealty to our constitution and abide its rules, is welcome to join.
  6. Excellent news, friends! I know if you keep it up your alliance will continue to grow.
  7. Communists on Terra An MDoAP between the Union of Communist Republics and the Terran Empire Preamble: This document serves to show that the Terran Empire (TTE) and the Union of Communist Republics (UCR) share common principles of ideology and ethics. Each member of each alliance vows to show general good will and appreciation towards the other. Through similar ideals and fruitful relations, both alliances strive for mutual betterment, together. Article I - Peace: Both signatories mutually assure that each will neither defame, physically attack, nor spy on the other; nor provide aid to a known enemy. Article II - Intelligence: Both signatories agree that any information obtained that threatens the security of the other will be provided to the signatory in question, immediately. Article III - Aid: Both signatories retain the option to provide the other with monetary or military aid, when requested. Article IV - Mandatory Defense: If either signatory is attacked, and it is not the result of treaty obligations with another alliance, the other will join in the defense as if under attack themselves. Article V - Extended Coverage: A protectorate of a signatory is considered an extension of their zone of responsibility, and as such is also subject to being defended by the other signatory. Article VI - Optional Aggression: If either party enters into a war, and the other party feels the cause is just, then they may chose to join them in that campaign. Article VII - Cooperation: Both alliances are encouraged to assist each other in monitoring for, and dealing with, rogue attacks against the other. While not required, it is understood that through cooperation, raids may be better stopped and reduced in effectiveness. Article VIII - Cancellation: This treaty is subject to cancellation for any reason. Termination requires 72 hours notice. This notice is required to be given immediately via private channels. Any intentional violations of the previous articles will result in the treaty being considered immediately void, unless otherwise agreed upon by the leadership of both signatories. Signed for the Union of Communist Republics: ComradeV, Premier Mosin Nagant, Commissar of Internal Affairs RA2Leader, Commissar of Defence Comrade Ronjoy, Commissar of Foreign Affairs Sphalaron, Commissar of Finance Signed for the Terran Empire: Yuurei - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs Michaelboy88 - Chancellor of Administration CheezDood - Chancellor of Defense Orikfricai - Chancellor of Internal Affairs Century - Chancellor of Finance gatorback05 - Chief of Staff
  8. Happy birthday Terran from your comrade allies the Union of Communist Republics.
  9. http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1001001 Please allow for me to fish and uranium.
  10. [img]http://i.imgur.com/S4NKZ.png[/img] [img]http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq290/RA2Leader/UCRFlaggood-2.png[/img] [quote]A Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between the Union of Communist Republics (UCR) and the North Star Federation (NSF) Article 1: Sovereignty Each alliance will remain independent, and contain separate governing bodies. This treaty only represents a relationship, and not a ruling decision. Further, any statement issued by one alliance, unless deemed otherwise, can be considered a statement solely by said alliance. Article 2: Peace UCR and NSF from here on out enter a state of peace and non-aggression. Any signatory's member nation attacking another signatory's' member nation will pay that nation reparations that are mutually agreed upon, or will be considered a rogue by both alliances. Aggression may also constitute any act of slander, or libel against either alliance. Any violation of this will lead to immediate cancellation of this treaty. Article 3: Information Sharing UCR and NSF will share any information pertinent to the others defense. Such information shall not be falsified, and if deemed necessary, the sources need not be identified. Article 4: Aid UCR and NSF hereby commit to financial help when needed. This can either be for the purpose of national defense, or in other times of hardship. When aid is requested, the corresponding alliance has 48 hours comply, or this treaty is hereby canceled. Aid may also include military help in the case of rogue nations, when requested. Article 5: Cancellation This pact may be canceled at any time with a 48 hour notice from the canceling signatory. During this period no military activity or other acts of espionage and aggression may be committed. Signed for the Union of Communist Republics ComradeV, Premier VladimirLenin, Commissar of Foreign Affairs Signed for the North Star Federation crv24, Emperor Jaybooker, Imperial Guard of External Affairs [/quote]
  11. Congratulations to you beautiful people are your lovingly written treaty!
  12. Did anyone else notice the SDU's motto is a direct quote from the English Language version of the Hymn of The Soviet Union, as sung by Paul Robeson?
  13. Do you have any left leaning tendencies? The only decent thing to do is join of the top three premier left alliances. Union of Communist Republics Libertarian Socialist Federation Socialist Workers Front. A people united will never be defeated. Workers of the World, Unite! [url="http://cnucr.boardforum.ca/"]http://cnucr.boardforum.ca/[/url]
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