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  1. Marx lacks tact. Obviously GOONS needs me to lead FA. Then the world will see true diplomacy.
  2. I will never forgive you for this trespass.
  3. Yeah, sure, I was saying an acronym I didn't mention a single time in my post. good job
  4. GOONS couldn't put Kaskus down. GOONS needed MK and PB. No more MK and PB. Ergo, time to fight GOONS
  5. Ameroca

    the dog food video

    We've never demanded anyone else to eat dog food to join. Dio was special. In fact, we figured he wouldn't do it. It was such a mess that I doubt we'll ever demand it again.
  6. Anti-moralist is such a dumb term. I prefer social dominance oriented.
  7. How is attacking someone only a couple of days away from autodeletion "raiding"? After ~12 days inactive, all captured money / tech / land is destroyed rather than stolen. So if they did abandon the nation, you aren't doing anything but destroying your own military, and if they didn't, you are screwing up their already unoptimized sled (I assume by about to autodelete you mean >20 days inactive). This doesn't strike me as a good system.
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