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  1. 3 hours ago, General Kanabis said:

    I almost regret being the last person to take on Kindle and preventing him from being able to get out of bill lock..


    And here I was, on the verge of declaring on this guy-




    I'm glad someone reminded me just how irrelevant we are.


    I don't see why you'd think I would care about them.


    You should ask my allies and friends how often I call them irrelevant.


    You should ask them how irrelevant all of this is, whilst you're there.

  2. 3 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:

    Oh no...TTK is a democrocy???

    Like all terrible alliances, they give their members options.


    10 hours ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

    The Prussians can barely tie their own shoe laces, much less protect their own applicants.They may have allies to help them, but let's not pretend that all-of-a-sudden TPE is an example of a functional alliance or in your own words, 'worth their salt'.

    I'm glad you went to all that effort writing that out in a contradictory fashion to end up saying exactly the same thing as I did.

  3. 5 hours ago, Lord Konstantine said:

     (although justified)

    That's a very good way to make it sound like you actually do sanction it.


    4 hours ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

    Relax TTK, no one's gonna roll you for hitting a pending member of the Prussian Empire.

    The part worth emphasising is the alliance, not the fact that they are pending. Most alliances worth their salt protect applicants.


    Edit: Damn it Franz.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    Latexi and him I'm guessing have just went along with what you've pushed for and haven't heard more than your twisted side of everything. Seems you never even told anyone about my outreaches about peace and offering to resolve it how Kristjan wanted; only for you to continue insisting I wait on terms and there was no fix since you guys wanted to set an example.


    Eventually they'll wake up to what you've been up to..


    As I explained to you previously, "Intragovernmental communication is probably alien to you. We practice it."

  5. Excellent. I repeatedly ask for evidence of things that you claim, and your retort is that it is clear that I am a liar and I am distorting things. I am so, so glad you've proven to the peanut gallery how truly wrong I am.


    Just to be clear, the Reich has never had most of the active populace of the planet publicly approving of its actions, as far as I am aware. If I'm doing anything to our "brand", I'm improving it.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    Your constant lies and warmongering based off them.


    You aren't proving how I am a compulsive liar by just repeating "you are a liar". 


    14 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    I just wonder how long NoR wants to be dragged through this war you provoked and escalated; while trying to portray the opposite to everyone else.



    Please explain how I provoked and escalated this war? You were the one that didn't even try to approach NoR about sanctions before this started. Sir Kindle caused the entirety of this war by jumping the gun on your orders.


    14 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    You wanted this war badly and will say whatever you need to try keeping it going; although people will get sick of being dragged through this conflict you provoked; while being on power trip / delusional state since.



    Please provide clear evidence that either I personally or the Nordreich wanted this war. There is no power trip and there is no delusion. You are in dire straits, as evidenced by the existence of this very thread, where you've tried to coerce alliances that are demolishing you out of the conflict by offering them white peace. We are not. Your place as the failing aggressor is based on fact, as is ours as holder of all the cards.


    14 minutes ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    Only damage is to be gained for both sides this war, there will never be a payday and dragging it out longer will only increase damage for NoR and those assisting.



    The only damage to NoR is a slight lull in growth due to having brand new nations in peace mode; not to mention the obvious PR boost that is coming from "fighting" you. Aevrum, on the other hand, stands to lose everything.

  7. 20 hours ago, DeathAdder said:


    As someone who has always been a strong proponent of terms getting worse the longer you hold out, I urge NoR and all the other Alliances attacking Aevrum not to let them get away with lenient terms of exit, or, the Gods forbid, the horrendous mistake that is White Peace.



    He tried to tell us that the terms handed to our predecessors to secure peace during Continuum-NoV were more reasonable than the terms we handed to him.


    We're going to teach him otherwise.

  8. Just making sure that everyone is aware that we have told Meth that he can return to our Discord to negotiate peace for his remaining nations if he so wishes to leave Bob, or he can nominate a successor to do so in his place, but he has refused to. He would rather war us eternally instead. We're happy to oblige if that is the true desire of his membership.

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