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  1. Lan Mandragoran

    Alliance Discord Thread

    Old Guard https://discord.gg/3JXSK2R (Not that you'll find people there yet as we're old and still trying to figure it out)
  2. Lan Mandragoran

    Old Guard Declares War on Nordreich

    Yup. You caught me using a small phone before taking my meds. OG's first war was GW III.
  3. Lan Mandragoran

    Old Guard Declares War on Nordreich

    You young whipper snapper. The Old Guard just celebrated its aluminum/tin (10th) anniversary on February 20th. We've smelted our cellabatory tin cups into ammunition to defend our allies like we did in GWI.
  4. Lan Mandragoran

    Moon Hotspot

    (10,-30) is 68% likely. (15.07351,-16.57813) is 62.0% likely. (-12, -19) is 52% likely. 
  5. Lan Mandragoran

    Happy Birthday Fine Arts

    The oldest nation on Planet Bob is 10 years old today.       How many of us will be coming up on our 10 year anniversary this year.  I first arrived on PB the fall of 2006.
  6. Lan Mandragoran

    CN Game Status

    Maybe this is my chance to escape the diabolical clutches that have kept me tied to this game since 2006.
  7. Lan Mandragoran

    Moon Hotspot

    Shhh.  If we're not quiet, Admin may realize that his cron job didn't run.
  8. Lan Mandragoran

    When Elesufis Met Titans Accords

    O/ DL Job well done.
  9. Lan Mandragoran

    Announcement on UCR's behalf

      The purpose is to state that the wars continue.  :gun:
  10. Lan Mandragoran

    Announcement on UCR's behalf

    Forgot the fries.   :awesome:  
  11. The Federation of Armed Nations wants UCR to denounce one of their core beliefs, which, as you could imagine, is rather distasteful to UCR. To see if we can find a way to extract UCR from this war I will post the renunciation on their behalf.   What's this I hear about cumudgeonism?     These old men who spend all their time being annoyed and angry, complaining all the time about this and complaining about that, with their hearing aids all set down too low so you have to shout at them to turn them up so you can get them to move off the recliner because you want to wipe all the crumbs up from the cookies they have been eating in the living room that the dog eats and it gives him gas....     What? Union of Communist Republics? Sorry, let me turn up my hearing aids.    
  12. Heck, I didn't even know about this until I read the Wiki. Huzzah Kzoppistan.  
  13. Heck, I didn't even know about this until I read the Wiki. Huzzah Kzoppistan.  
  14. Lan Mandragoran

    Old Guard is Awake!

    Well, these new fangled typewriters are killers on the fingers.
  15. Lan Mandragoran

    Making Friends in Unexpected Places

    TTK has the best game of count to 15 around but I still miss Wen.   Congrats.