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  1. Its nice to see someone creating a podcast about the going ons of the world. Been awhile since I've seen one so keep it up.(Edit: Maybe add a more knowledgeable co-host to get better content/analysis0


    However I disagree with your conclusion along with some errors that were presented(namely calling me just a member,I'm DMoFA put some respekt on my name :D ). Also I'd like to echo what Bruce said above that this is par for the course for most if not all AAs.

  2. 25 minutes ago, memoryproblems said:




    As far as the messages go - since they irk you so much, I have to think we'll continue sending them - and not everybody is as invested in the party line as you would think, I daresay those sticking their necks out for NPO have a right to know why they're being asked to do so.



    Irk is a stretch, I figured I'd try to save us from some clutter in our messages since all it is is hot air and salty tears. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Jacob Reiffenstein said:


    Actually, I am enjoying it immensely since those few of you are are trying to fight back are terrible at it, and we get to hear all kinds of in-game gossip about NPO from our rather reluctant Atlas and RnR attackers.

    Doesn't seem like you are enjoying it since its been 18 pages of whining from TPF.  I highly doubt anyone from our side is complaining about this since we've been itching for war these last few weeks.


    I really have no problem with TPF but  the messages you have sent(and yes we have all read them) reek of salt and tears.  Its actually pretty pathetic at this point and something below what I thought of TPF.


     You hit an MD ally of ours what did you honestly expect? Shut it and actually start enjoying the war because right now you seem jaded and miserable.

  4. Very excited to begin this new journey and happy to do it with great friends like TTK


    o/ TLR one last time

    o/ TTK

    This is a shame. I was hoping to attack you on my way out. Now it can never be.


    Congratulations, TLR. It would appear you didn't need me after all.

    Its a shame that we were such a big part of your life and you were merely a fly on the wall for ours. But hey you can always still hit us on your way out if it will make you feel better. 

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