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  1. Further discussion of this will lead to a lovely increase of points.
  2. I am a psychologist determining the prognosis of this thread is brain-dead. Beep.
  3. It already has been stated but multiple nations per IP are allowed; multiple nations per player are not. The caveat is as long as every nation has an individual player behind the nation, it is permissible.
  4. We're not here to wage your personal vendetta against a player. The rules haven't been broken. People are allowed to change their minds, it is surprisingly human.
  5. If Chuck declares on Alice after Bob declares on Chuck, it's legal. But Alice is not allowed to declare on Chuck if Chuck declared on Bob. It is not allowed to use both nations to attack the same nation in an offensive war while involved in a nation sit. The case you're speaking of is legal as oya declared on the WTF nation and the WTF nation declared on Cuba. As it was a defensive war, it is not against the rules. Password and login sharing are part of a nation sit. The distinction to be drawn here is it not relevant if the nation sittee is posting on the forums as long as they don't login to their actual nation during the nation sit. Nation sit requests are cancelled at the behest of the nation sitter or nation sittee if the nation sittee indicates they have returned. There are situations where a player may be able to post on the forums but incapable of logging in-game. It is not moderation's job to judge the reasons involved nor is it yours. It is not unusual for players to request a nation sit when their alliance is at war and they're not active enough to login or they need a break from the game. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened.
  6. This doesn't belong in game abuse and it doesn't violate the rules. It is a question. It is not moderation's business to moderate people's reasons behind requesting nation sitting. The only reason a nation sitting request would be denied is if the nation is being handed off or the requested date is longer than 10 weeks. The only exception is the nation sittee should not login during the nation sit period and should request for the agreement to be cancelled upon their return if they intend to log in their nation.
  7. It is simple: don't create multis. We have methods to determine legitimate nations. Your mother's cousin won't convince us.
  8. Any more discussion of moderation issues will see this thread closed. Back on topic.
  9. The ignore feature applies to all forums.
  10. Reminder this is an IC forum. Any OOC commentary from this point forward will be met with warns.
  11. This thread is concerning the player itself. It is an OOC matter and the thread itself has alternated between OOC and IC. This will remain in Open World Forum. Any further questions can be directed to my inbox.
  12. This is an OOC matter and has been moved to Open World Forum.
  13. This trainwreck has continued on far enough.
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