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  1. And that's the grey area- per I believe the 'death threat' you are referring to was an "I'm going to burn your house down" surely that was an IC comment at his nation.

    Per 'sexually explicit- I guess that depends on the audience- and per your own track record and logs with sigrun- I can't really see anything messaged that would direly "offend" you.

    And I'm not saying the messages were good- in fact I even admitted that admin took the course of action that they should have.

    What I'm saying is that the audience it was sent to- layton specifically- the person who has written more !:&/) stuff in our in game announcements played the "use admin as a weapon" card.

    Nothing we could've have sent that weasel would have been near as offensive as the stuff we talked about in our announcements and he partaken in.

    Really we regarded layton as "one of the guys" and he turned into a player who is an 'offended victim'

    So they were deleted- nothing we could do and when he messages our members boasting about their deletion- that's when we drew the line from IC to OOC and our despise towards kashmir

    Wait, according to meths other nation brother it was me that reported every player on your side. Now it's Jack? Please make up your mind.

  2. There have been many wars fought in real life that had no justifiable reason for war. While a CB here is generally required in order to garner favor with ones allies in order to procure defensive and offensive support there is no actual need for a cb.

    The CB as it pertains to our current situation is truly a PR tool and nothing more angst it is one that no matter how cut and dry will always be hotly contested by one or more sides in the war.

    I for one would not engage in an offensive (alliance wide)conflict without a valid CB but I don't think it is a requirement for one aa to attack another. I may not agree with ds attacking invicta or goons "raiding" micros (yes same thing no matter how you spin it) but I commend them for conducting themselves as a sovereign entity should, how they see fit for themselves.

    If only more alliances acted as such and threw their care for pr aside to settle whatever grudges they harbor. This convoluted treaty Web would reset itself.

  3. I think Gopher summed it up pretty well. I still perk up a bit when I see an announcement of actual importance (e.g., IRON-DBDC treaty). But I've come to accept that if it weren't for the same group of 10 or so attention seekers hashing out their personal drama in public, we wouldn't have much of an OWF anymore.

    I think it's more that because of those posters a lot of others have effectively given up posting on the owf. Most posts just degrade into a troll/look at me fest by page 2 and it has turned a lot of people off to actually commenting all together.

  4. If that's what you want to do, your best bet is to find a good protector and become a one-man AA.

    He's already got one.
    At this time SRA is pledging full protectorate status to smurthwaite pending his decision. Until such time that smurt changes from none to any alliance affiliation, SRA will be keeping his safety as our top priority.
    This act will remain in place until such time that smurthwaite personally requests it's end and will not be dropped in the event of SRA being removed from his alliance choice consideration.

  5. I'm curious as to what would possibly make you call someone else out as a coward when this is how you deal with things yourself? Delete and re-roll. You exude bravery and honor.

    I agree with this to some extent. Own the hate you have accrued. It can be a great liberator of false friends and a compass towards those you truly fit in with. I have a lot of personal experience in that field here.

  6. I don't think you get what this is all about in the grand scheme of his actions.

    Why doe she, or anyone have to follow the "unwritten" rules of CN? That notion just reinforces what he has talked about, and everyone telling him to join an alliance, and learn these rules are just not getting what he has said, or has been saying.

    You may want him to learn these standards before going for his revolution, but it's a stupid notion to learn something that you want to change, and you don't want to really adhere to.

    The only way to change anything is to learn how it works and then come up with something better to replace what you perceive as an antiquated system. Without proper knowledge of what you want to change you will never be successful in implementing a successor. Just my 2ยข

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