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  1. Thank you Cowboy for at least a little bit of reason over there. You are not real bright are you Wasso for someone who has played TE as many rounds as you have? If you would take all of about 10 seconds to think before you shoot off at the mouth you might be right more often. The reason we bought infra during the last few days of the war was - #1 because we could #2 we could because we had the money to do so #3 We do it all the time when we are fighting 6 opponents at a time so that we will have more soldiers and tanks with which to hit all 6 of you. And buying 1,000 infra every day huh. By my calculations then I should have had around 7,800 infra at wars end. (there is that 10 second wait time again) Buying it right at update for a selfie and propaganda? You mind telling everyone around what time we did the majority of our attacks on you guys? (and again) And you are really going to go with Grey2 broke the agreement for personal reasons and you had a "word" with him? His dirty op cost around 3/4ths of your alliance to have to collect in anarchy and you had a "word" with him? I am certain I can't be the only one who wants to know what exactly that "word" was as I see he is still sitting there in the #2 slot in your alliance. You know how I know how many of your guys have to collect in anarchy? It is because we have a Google doc that lets all of us see who all in your alliance had the government op done on them. I bring this up because since we have the above mentioned doc and it clearly shows that the op was already done on you, as well as the date and time, then why would any of us do that op again on you? Why even take the slightest risk of getting caught doing an op that has already been done? I will have to add in your defense that the above might be hard for you to understand seeing as how many times you guys did that same op over and over again on the same nations. 3 times on myself alone.
  2. Yeah I was kind of wondering how we could both be the "first" to break the agreement. All I know that as much as I didn't want to keep it clean (as I like my fights down in the mud and dirty) that I would honor the agreement made by our leaders this round no matter what my personal thoughts were. Hell I even went as far as to even make a bet with DD that D1 wouldn't break the agreement again. Wont make that mistake ever again as he has got my money twice now on that bet.
  3. And here I didn't even know I had to check with my opponents on what I spent my money on. Guess I should have stopped buying military a couple days before the war ended also right? (I say this because that was the norm for my opponents at wars end) Way too many rules for a war game if you ask me and why all the talk about it anyways and yet not a word mentioned on which broke side broke the rules of engagement.........again!
  4. I just need one thing explained to me and that is how is it that you guys war with KrabZ was a fair war even though you were almost twice their size due to what you claim was the fact that you both had the same amount of time to build, collect and so on yet our war with you was not a fair one based on the same things that made your war even? What changed in those 2 days? Please say the damage you took in the KrabZ war so every one has a good laugh.   And Cowboy your claim that you guys are jumping in because of us down declaring on RE is an even bigger joke seeing that you guys have done every bit of 40 raid wars against nations half your size since the round has started and you have taken all of what, 10 or so nation strength damage? Now throw in the fact that they are also the newest alliance to the game and apparently the most inexperienced and you guys should be so proud of yourselves that you just want to bust huh? All you have done with this dick move is start something back up that is going to work out as well for you this time as it did the last. But why should that worry you as the welfare of your alliance is the last thing you worry about when you do shiat like this isn't it?   And please don't start the crying replies as that couldn't be any farther from the truth as we eat wars like this for breakfast and always come back for a second helping. Ever since you made your post here telling us to back off our Skype chat room has been nothing but all of our guys praying you guys would jump in so we could at least have a half way decent war. I saw not one tear or heard a single complaint about you guys jumping in but instead heard a dozen or so of our guys complaining about not having enough wars and asking if we could hit you guys first. That is the caliper of player here in TDO and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys and girls to fight alongside of. Salute!!     I am done with this thread, carry on.
  5.     First night of you guys entering the war and you are already asking for help Cowboy? Why don't you tuck that suzy up under your saddle and fight like a man? Or half a man or whatever you pass for these days.   "I wanna beat a Cowboy, so he can be my Cowgirl!"  (lyrics contributed by DD)
  6. Kneel Before Doom!!

  7. Warhammer

    TDO Announcement

    :rolleyes:  :laugh:  :rolleyes:   I like this guy. Need to hear more from him. And for what it is worth I thought you guys declare on Eurasia was a gutsy move Nick. I was surprised and delighted when I saw the war dec in here. Salute!!
  8. Warhammer

    Round 37?!

    I kind of thought that was what the peace mode in the beginning of the round was for seeing as how there is not much to do for those 5-7 days.   ;)   Ready when you are admin to get things under way.
  9. Warhammer

    Don't announce awards

    I think that this is a great idea and that this round would be a great time to make it happen. And I am really not understanding why admin would be biased as to who wins what. Does he have friends playing? I just can't see that being a factor in having hidden awards.   The good thing I see about not announcing what will win awards is that it will be almost impossible to try and "cheat" to win awards when you don't know what they will be for. Admin could do an award for the most destructive war, most tech destroyed in a war, most soldiers killed in a war, most wars declared or anything along those lines without worrying about people trying to "cheat" the system to win such awards if they are not announced beforehand. It would also all but eliminate "flag runners" as how can you run for a flag when you don't know what it will take to win it?
  10. Warhammer

    Euraisa is out of control

    I am just curious as to how you were planning on hitting Eurasia at the end of this round. You guys actually thought that we were only going to fight you for 5 days after what your behavior has been like this round? Starting off your war with us and TDO by hitting the most inactive nations in the group. I can even understand why hit the inactive Avengers nations but the TDO guys? Most of them, if not all, were inactive as they had just gotten out of one hell of a war with TPC and I am pretty sure that anyone that knows anything about this game and its players knows what kind of fighters they have and what your nation looks like after a war with them.   I was wondering just how far you guys could possibly go from the alliance you used to be and what could possibly bring on such a downhill change in you. I saw my answer in just 1 post from Paul. D1 adviser eh? How's that working out for you Cowboy? Was it under his suggestion that you attacked only the weakest players the first night of the blitz? Frickin cowards make me sick and I hope you get whats coming to you this round and many to come.   The game was just starting to get a little bit of its former glory back in it before you clowns started your shiat this round and I for one and elated to see you getting what you deserve. Reap the whirlwind gentlemen. Reap it!!
  11. This is the first time I have even got to read this thread and I am kind of surprised to see that only BG has seemed to make the connection with this Private Ryan character. You guys really can't see he/she is Daenerys Targaryen? Different name but same hate filled posts even though you can tell she is trying to "tune it down". Mannerisms gave it away the most tbh. Just can't hide those can you DT?   D1 if you wanted to prove your "mightiness" then why not just let them collect on the 7th day before your attack? They would have still not had the MP or nukes so I am not understanding why the underhanded move if you actually wanted the war to even be close to fair. Is that the only way you guys can fight anyone anymore? I  just don't get it.   I have actually enjoyed talking to Fatal1ty and Cowboy from time to time and you guys just don't strike me as the type to stooping to such tactics in a game that is dying because of such things happening more and more every round. Hitting players at a couple hundred NS and then building up to easily anarchy them? Where is the fun and challenge in that? That is strictly a hate move imo. (couldn't use the other word I was thinking of using instead of hate but I think most get the point) Doing naval blockades on those who have plenty of other vessels with which to get the xp from when normal attacks would suffice and then top it all off with "dirty" spy ops? (yeah I have been listening and reading DD  :P )   Do you guys even think about what an idiot and a liar you make Cowboy look like when he is posting about a "pure friendly war, no dirty Spy Ops, just good old fun and games in TE" and your every intention from the get go is to fight as dirty as you possibly can? Who does that to the leader of their alliance? And possibly the even bigger question is why do you keep them as members Cowboy when they do this to you time and time again? Hell I see where you have even gave a couple of them permissions in your alliance.Might just be me but I would never dream of doing such to anyone, more or less the "leader" of my alliance.   I post here very little so something really has to get "under my skin" to make me do so. This war has been one of those such occasions. It is just sad is all. So very sad.  :(
  12. Warhammer

    The Dark Order DoW

    I want everybody that didn't see this post coming to raise your hands and run around in circles.  :frantic: Bet you guys are wishing you would have just hit the Mighty Misfits head up now aren't you? If you are scared BG and Cazaric then just say you're scared.   :laugh:
  13. Blah, blah, blah,blah blah. I would still rather you just shoot through his windows and shut the hell up.   I am guessing that you and KJ must be "brothers from different mothers" as you fight like you were both cut from the same damn cloth. Fighting 1 King James is bad enough but the 2 of you together knocked one hell of a dent in my "Hammer of War". I have came up against many a combo of warriors in my time here in TE but none tougher than the 2 of you together. SALUTE!!
  14. So what you are saying is we are using planning and strategies here in TE and not just running about all willy nilly?  :frantic: How dare we!! And doing so when it clearly states in the game rules that no planning and strategies whatsoever shall ever be used here in CNTE. Good thing DD and Admin went to different schools together or we would all be in dutch wouldn't we?  :P   And about the above war you mentioned. How exactly did Stevie make you fight in that war? Was that the same war that you had some ungodly amount of tech and you were told to quit nuking people as you were destroying too much infra? Not to mention that made you mad when you were told to do so. Again the woman scorned thing is becoming clearer by the minute.   And before you write me in game DD to jump on me for posting, I already know. Another month in the hole with no OWF reading.  :(
  15. I am going to have to call you on this statement KJ.   You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Union Algo. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Desired Religion: Taoism Desired Government: Revolutionary Government Threat Level: Low  Tax Rate: 28% Number of Spies: 250 Last Nuke Purchase: None Last Wonder Purchase: 4/23/2015 Total Money: $33,624,349 Technology: 329.30 Levels Last Bill Payment: 4/26/2015 12:37:55 AM Trade Partners: Limits, utown, Kegkiller, The last Squirrel, bibliotech Military XP Ratings: Army XP: 2, Navy XP: 0, Air Force XP: 0, Intelligence XP: 0 Assigned Generals: None Total Aircraft: 60 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 385 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 35   You only have to look at the awards pages to see what your 3 opponents war chests are atm and I am afraid to say none are equal to or more than the above.   I think you already know that the 3 people you hit will fight till the last pixel. No matter what the cost to the rest of their round. We catch hell for doing so all the time from the other "powers that be" at Avengers. Hell I can't even spell the word tuttle so I am certain you wont be seeing any of that. Though you did manage to skirt around the nuclear thing I mentioned in my above post. We going for what could be a round killer for both alliances or what? Inquiring minds want to know.  ;)