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  1. [size=5]Reason to Join Pax #8 : [/size]

    Because Pax is subservient to her GPA overlords - Caladin, GPA Minister of Defense

    For his participation he was rewarded one cookie for at least trying to think of something.... even though he knows the ones who control the cookies control the world muahahahahahahaha... I mean... we're nice and don't bite.. Join the neutral menace! Black and neutral? Join Pax. Green and Neutral? Join Pax anyway :awesome:

  2. [size=5]Reason To Join Pax #5 :[/size]

    [size=5][size=4]Our Tanist and Commander of the Guard, MarineSniper, is one of the best government leaders around and it makes him happy to have new people join Pax.... and you don't want to see him when he's not happy. :blink: [/size][/size]

    [size=5][size=4][color=#ff0000]-Raiders be warned-[/color][/size][/size]

  3. [quote name='Farnsworth' timestamp='1352076465' post='3048714']
    what we should really do is get chinese people to play. there's so many of them... and if their 5000 years of history is any indication then there would be near-constant war between various factions and even in-fighting among individual alliances. how do we get the chinese to play?
    [quote name='Wingedwolfmgless' timestamp='1352077558' post='3048723']

    ^ I think even neutrals would enjoy this

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