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  1. Why not let all the sanction continue, it will be more interesting to watch :p
  2. Won't do you any good, once you think you're okay, another gene start mutating wkwkwkwkwk
  3. glad to hear that you guys didnt plan to leave this war nor that you will surrender lets dance again and again :wub:
  4. welcome to the battlefield,Invicta o/ Invicta o/ DB4D
  5. The sanctioned had direct impact to our nation....BFF? we're not asking nor objecting of your involvement. It should be big difference Lol Chax, stop spinning the world using edited log :p
  6. As far as I know the aid things was resolved, otherwise NSO will decorate NEW war screen at the moment. and vice versa. But I guess that some people still hold grudges. Carry on, I guess PS. I am far from whining..just stretching up that its not an aggressive if NEW decide to sanctioned NSO back. Its in defense to your sanction that had impact to some of our nation that are involved in other war.
  7. Aggressive move? Really? isn't it you are the first using sanction which had an impact to several NEW nation who are now still on war with Mortal Wombat nations? What made you a defensive on that? Not to mention that you put the sanctioned without proper notice too us prior the sanction. Seems like you're helping NEW enemy to me. In my view you're start an aggresive declaration to NEW . I don't have love nor hate toward both NSO and Kaskus, their problem is not my concern. But the sanctioned given is disappointing. Its seem that some people are desperately panic atm
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