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  1. Lady Mineva

    Joint Declaration FTW

  2. Lady Mineva

    Managment Change in Organization XIII

    A friend of my designed it to annoy me. Every time I remove it they put it back on. It's very effective since my name contains a lot of a's and e's and that's normally what you type first or last on a paper. It will only stop when I give them the disks that they want and that's not going to happen.
  3. Lady Mineva

    Managment Change in Organization XIII

    As stated above; I can change anything whenever I feel like it. As such it's much too bright out here in the spotlight; I prefer the shadows. I shall return to them and I place Muddog back in charge until I feel that I must permanently step out of them.
  4. Lady Mineva

    Managment Change in Organization XIII

    [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1301713644' post='2682634'] [img]http://www.karlonia.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/affect-effect-usage.jpg[/img] The grammar wolves circle you. If these things were misspelled on purpose to troll us, bravo. [/quote] I have a weird computer virus that randomly flips my a's and my e's. Usually in the first and last words typed in Word. Doesn't happen all the time.
  5. Lady Mineva

    Managment Change in Organization XIII

    [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1301712765' post='2682628'] this..and you've reach your quota for stupid announcements with the last one [/quote] I didn't know that we were here for your amusement.
  6. [center][img]http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h411/Muddog89/Flag.jpg[/img][/center] [center]AFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY [/center] [center]Due to recent events, it has come to my attention that Muddog is no longer capable of performing his appointed duties. As such affective immediately, I Empress Spragorius Key Master of Insaneous, Ruler of Dufonius, Lord and Master of all Planet Bob, Goddess of Pain and Torture and the Harbinger of Death. Hereby crown myself Empress of Organization XIII. From this day forward; I am to be referred to as one of the following: Mistress, Master, My Goddess, My Lord, My Lady, Majesty, Highness or My Empress. The one speaking to me shall refer to themself as “This unworthy one.” [/center] [center]Muddog’s new position shall be Court Jester until I am no longer amused with his antics. At that time he will be permanently dealt with. [/center] [center]NEW CHARTER[/center] [center]Article 1- Membership If the Empress likes you, you may enter, until she no longer requires your services. Article 2- Government There is only one Government and that Government is Empress Spragorius, if she requests your service for something, you will do it with no title, reward of any kind, and for the pleasure of her Highness, and you will serve until death or she no longer is pleased with you. Article 3- Changes This Charter is subject to change at the will, amusement, need, or simply because the Empress can. Article 4- Punishment Anyone found in violation of this Charter will be cast into Mt. Wannahockalavaloogie and Perma ZI’d until the Empress wishes to set you free. [/center] [center]FURTHER NOTICES SHALL BE POSTED AS WARRENTED. [/center]
  7. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII

    We need to talk.
  8. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII Announcement

    Bah! Just because my servant has become lazy. I should remember to beat her into shape. Perhaps dodge ball with you as the ball?
  9. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII

    Any submissions had better be much better than that misspelled, grammatically erroneous crap Muddog calls writing.
  10. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII Announcement

    Which servant?
  11. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII Announcement

    Interesting closing statement. Why was I not informed?
  12. Lady Mineva

    Organization XIII

    You pulled me away from duties to announce this?