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  1. I'll be a little busy for the next few months so to everyone: Happy Thanksgiving, thanks to everyone who will say/said happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

  2. Thank God for that extra hour of sleep

  3. totally just wasted the last five and a half hours of my life failing at recording

  4. Tomorrow - FamilySunday - Partyin &c.Monday - MEPS/hotelTuesday - MEPS/Fly to Texas/BMT/Begin getting terrorized by MTIs

  5. Nap time over.I have the most bizarre dreams about people sometimes...

  6. Bonfire. Tonight. Bustin out the acoustic. Do it.

  7. One week. I should probably start thinking about getting ready.

  8. The Casbah, it has been rocked on this night

  9. Three weeks from today I will be flying out to Lackland AFB

  10. Started packing some of my stuff up and fixed my great-grandfather's watch. Mildly productive day I'd say.

  11. great weather for doing yard work today

  12. Bad news: My (not so) trusty laptop is essentially dead.Good news: I lost nothing and I can hack your computer to make it run like it were my computer.

  13. I keep imagining Obama is playing Angry Birds on his phone every time he looks down while Romney is talking

  14. When you need a phrase to describe something both cheesy and creepy: children of the corny

  15. Only .06 from taking the #10 spot. At the rate we're going we might get it by next month!
  16. so much stats all at once thanks for the massive update
  17. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1295854089' post='2596202'] Uh, you do know that it says 123456789 right? Best piece so far. -omfg [/quote] To the first statement: Yes I noticed. Though a ruse it did allow me to make use of a play on words that I thought was mildly clever. To the second statement: Agreed.
  18. [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10363023/god.png[/img]
  19. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1295841221' post='2595385'] WAR CHART (Courtesy of Seipher Caim) [spoiler][img]http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r471/SeipherCaim/Web21-1-1.png[/img][/spoiler] [/quote] Cool, but I like my animated 3d one better even though it's more jumbled. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10363023/war-web.swf I just modified the data from Bob Janova's MDP Web to show the wars then made a mediocre flash animation of it.
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