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  1. Aluminum: Fallen One  Coal: Fallen One Gold: Scarabaeus Sacer Iron: Scarabaeus Sacer Lead: Franklyn Lumber: Franklyn Marble: Felkey  Oil: Felkey Water: LongDuckDong Wheat: LongDuckDong Uranium: ? Rubber: ?   BR:Asphalt, Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars, Steel
  2. [quote name='Merlinus' timestamp='1307231011' post='2723998'] Luckily for me, I do not require your approval. Your statement illustrates how completely worthless your opinion of me actually is. Thanks for playing. Now go. Away. [/quote] just ignore him
  3. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1307034871' post='2722618'] Holy !@#$, I love your honesty. Good luck in your endeavor, guys. [/quote] although he may be referring to the real life society we based it off of, cause they were around for quite a long time
  4. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1307032298' post='2722605'] Welcome to Bob. Quick question...how does an alliance claim to have 'rich history' in their DoE thread? How long have you guys been around? [/quote] ehhh, ignore that, merlinus tends to exaggerate a bit, makes things sound better. although it is sometimes confusing
  5. Felkey

    The Seraph Rises

    [quote name='Merlinus' timestamp='1306996286' post='2722444'] Congratulations, Seraph. It's an honor to share a "Birth Day" with you. I think we're twins! Much good luck on your journey. [/quote] Agreed, hope we can find some common ground in the future.
  6. If anyone one else would still like to stop by and is having trouble with the link try this: http://s4.zetaboards.com/the_rosicrucians/index/
  7. http://s4.zetaboards.com/the_rosicrucians/index/ for anyone who wants to come and say hi
  8. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1306988105' post='2722383'] Well at least it looks like to be a well organized alliance. Welcome and good luck. [/quote] thank you, look forward to getting to know you somewhere down the line
  9. come and join us at #tootr. im not one for big speeches
  10. The profile page recommends that I say hello.


  11. Felkey

    Messages dissappearing

    a couple weeks ago almost all of my inbox AND outbox (in game) got deleted all that was left was maybe a dozen messages all together, i dont have pictures as i never took a pic of my inbox, its not like just the old ones in my outbox got deleted it was like 12 pages worth or something and probably like 7 pages in my inbox, it happened sometime between 8/13 and 8/23 i didnt do much about it then because i was on vacation