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  1. hey girlie wass up!

  2. Karolina

    ~The Callout~

    You're right Schattenmann - this was worthless.
  3. lol Penkala. Just give up now. You're not winning this one. Cut your losses and move on.
  4. Karolina

    War Chart 2-2-11

    Would it be possible to do 2 diagrams each day; one for the whole war, and one for alliances only involved at the time?
  5. I doubt GPA and TDO will be getting involved.
  6. You can always have some fun with MHA if you like.
  7. Kinda funny. They'd rather attack NPO and make themselves look terrible, than help their "ally" Sparta, who are being butchered by us.
  8. Karolina

    Lack of leaders

    You forgot Peggy Sue and Methrage
  9. Actually, it's more than 135% extra for sellers who sell at the 3/50 rate, so it's a bit more than a "tiny bit of extra money". Also, we'll buy at whatever price we like, thanks
  10. That's because you initiated the war. You start the war, it's your problem. Also, stop telling people to not recruit. If you start a blog entry about alliances, you should expect a few people to post offers.
  11. You're really engaging. Good job.
  12. So you want something for nothing? It's not like you don't make profit from tech deals...
  13. Small nations are essential for larger nations to grow, so no, they don't ignore them.
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