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    playing (CN is great; damn 2moons EU forever *kwies* ); i also play N4tionSt4tes*, and WAR2. Bass - Ibanez, 8-string, nice warm and melloflooooo; can't read notes, but smart enough to follow tablature if i know the song; growing plants, incl. hops and brewing delicious ale; being a smartypants granddad; getting loaded while retaining a sense of suavity; listening to, and exchanging music, all sorts of music, and spoken word. Checkin' out teh cuties etc *loool for 4 read A \^_^/

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    Green Protection Agency
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    Treehouse Of Gaia
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  1. grr running 2moons crashes my comp every time, so i got Easeus to make an extra xp partition for it; hope this solves the problem ;_;v\^_^/

  2. Tell everyone you can't be arsed wasting your young life on trivial fb pursuits by pasting this into your profile

  3. While the word "Creator" is not strictly speaking a palindrome, it is an anagram: oreCart/rotCare/ratCore/aCrerot/rearCot/tarCore, etc.

  4. It seems like yesterday - it was in fac,t by jiminy -- so many events pass in so much time, there must be a formula! now i have joined GPA, and am looking forward to some real-life teamwork \^_^/
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