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  1. Hey are you still looking for members? I haven't changed my resources yet so if you have slots open, just tell me what you need. Cheers, Snibbmaster
  2. o/ our Athens brothers! Here's to your spirit burning bright in TLR!
  3. Congratz you guys! You're both growing up so fast. *sniff* o/ Non Grata o/ TLR
  4. [quote name='Twizzler' timestamp='1304300883' post='2703613'] You lost. I've never known losers that dictate their own terms. [/quote] And sadly Schatt you will continue to be in the losing position until you've signed a statement of surrender. I know you can't agree with me publicly (what with all these fans looking up to you) but the point remains, and it WILL happen.
  5. I'll tell you, these are some (int)eresting results... Oh god that [i]was[/i] awful. Anyway, congrats to our Int brethren on their elections!
  6. I can't either. It says it is connecting and then loading, but just goes right back to the stopped position after it is done.
  7. That's my boy Nom! Show them who deserves that medal!
  8. Backpedaling, maybe? But don't know for sure.
  9. Reminds me of the relationship between the Joker and Batman.
  10. I think it's because he got the date wrong on the last post.
  11. [quote name='greenacres' timestamp='1295194365' post='2577190'] I want to know how he managed to have 70 multis stay hidden for such a long time. [/quote] Good question. Either way, good riddance!
  12. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1294965215' post='2574523'] Except for that Snibbmaster guy Welcome to the family, Fist [/quote] [i]Especially[/i] Snibbmaster! That guy is up to no good I tell ya, no good!
  13. Congratz FIST! ODN are classy people. Or so I'm told...
  14. I find it interesting that he included the NpO in his assessment of his side. Alliance blocs like PB/SF/C&G have very different goals from Neo-BLEU (least of all being raiding vs moralism), so I'm not entirely sure that is correct.
  15. [quote name='Link Gaetz' timestamp='1294716651' post='2571696'] iFOK's loss. [/quote] Errr not really.
  16. Indeed for the best, and may both parties go successfully along their own paths.
  17. [quote name='Comrade Craig' timestamp='1294028818' post='2561529'] When will our good friends over at ODN learn that sham elections are far superior to the real thing? -Craig [i]edit: I misspelled my own name.[/i] [/quote] Because the shadow government is just fine the way it is, thank you!
  18. Here's to a great new government GATO (especially Arsenal) and a fantastic new Year! o/ GATO!
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