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  1. so any news on this cus i am not patient
  3. so how do i post in mixed caps.
  4. what is the legions involvement wit this.
  5. someone should do something about it.
  6. but how could the goons do this. its unfair.
  7. you should stick up for yourself!! dont listen to the goons.
  8. i can offer iron and marble!!! please let me in the circle!
  9. i have founded a new alliance under protection of the OTS. it is not official or anything, just a place for people to come to lay low or something. im still not sure what im going to do.
  10. is there a trade circle that can get you all the bonus resources. so that way you would have double your normal amount of resources and be more economic. and if you cant get all of them which circle gets you as many as possible.
  11. [quote name='Believland' date='06 July 2010 - 12:39 PM' timestamp='1278441524' post='2361291'] Is there anyway we can contact you? [/quote] all i want is peace from draco. and to the facepunch alliance guy who i anarchied sorry but thats what happens in war. i kno i did a lot of damage and nothing really good came from it. now im wondering if war is even worth it in the first place cus everything just got destroyed and i lost a lot of money.
  12. [quote name='Pomiel' date='06 July 2010 - 11:23 AM' timestamp='1278437000' post='2361222'] lmao no, you definitely shouldn't read that thread. you'll probably get bored halfway through page 2 Basically, NpO didn't like \m/ so they started a war. Then as that war came to a close, The Order of the Paradox (TOP) declared war on the Complaints and Grievances Union ([url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Complaints_and_Grievances_Union"]wiki[/url]) because they thought CnG were planning to harm them or some crap ([url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=79441"]DoW[/url]) . Shortly afterwards, several of TOP's allies, including IRON, DAWN, TORN, and others also declared on CnG for similar reasons ([url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/TOP-C%26G_War"]wiki[/url]) . The Gramlins under Ramirus Maximus recently adopted a "paper-less" policy in which they don't sign treaties, and support people they consider to be their friends. Despite this, they still maintain (?) a treaty with Mostly Harmless Alliance, the Harmlin Accords, which basically states that Gramlins and MHA are the same alliance ([url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_H%C3%A4rmlins"]wiki[/url]). Thus, the Harmlins declared IRON ([url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=79461"]DoW[/url]). Eventually, most forces on the side of Complaints and Grievances Union agreed to cease hostilities with the TOP side in the Easter Sunday Accords ([url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=83752"]forums[/url]). Ramirus Maximus, and the Gramlins, however did not agree to this, despite their brothers in MHA's name appearing on the document. This is where things get really controversial: Ramirus wanted IRON et al to agree to unconditional surrender, which would basically allow Gramlins to dictate whatever they wanted as terms after the surrender. Ramirus maintains that this was only to force IRON to concede that it was wrong to begin the war. Many were vehemently opposed to this as they believed Gramlins could abuse this power. Thus, the Gramlins continue their fight against IRON alone, to this day. Ramirus claims that this course of action is better suited towards the Gramlins beliefs and ideals laid out in the Codex of War and that because of this, the idea of abusing the unconditional surrender wouldn't happen, and claims that if IRON had accepted unconditional surrender when first offered, IRON would be free from terms before the ESA were passed. People are mad because they believe Ramirus is running what was once a very well respected alliance into the ground. The Gramlins one had 80 (?) nations in their prime (I don't remember cause I was MIA for about a year), and now they only have 19 (?) last I checked. Ramirus believes that IRON is continuing ideas that were fought against in the Karma war; the idea that you can attack anyone for any reason as long as you're strong enough. IRON and most others believe that Ramirus was setting a precedent for allowing unconditional surrenders which could easily be abused. Additionally, Ramirus is kind of a dick sometimes and talks down at basically everyone playing the game. He uses real life concepts that probably don't have any place in the game and this makes it hard for anyone to sympathize with him. /summary edit: /biast probably edit2: /some of it might be wrong too... [/quote] thank you for that well written explanation, its very informative. sorry to the mod about making this thread cus i didnt kno it wasnt allowed. just please dont ban me.
  13. [quote name='Fizzydog' date='06 July 2010 - 10:38 AM' timestamp='1278434295' post='2361189'] TOLWYN, will you ever try again? If so, you have my support. You are one of my favorite users. It makes me sad that you aren't allowed to post in caps and you surrendered. [/quote] yes well sometimes we have to swallow our pride. i failed in my mission but nothing is guaranteed.
  14. im sorry but i tried to read that and i was confused right from the start. it would be nice if someone could just explain in a meaningful way wats going on. why is there even a war in the first place.
  15. just curious to know, it looks like a lot of people hate the gramlins or whatever and wont sell them tech. i wonder why that is.
  16. well ive sent peace to my enamies and one has accepted. hopefully the other two will accept and i will go into peace mode until i figure out what to do.
  17. sadly i have failed in my task to reunify the black team. the enemies of reunification were too great and too many, and the resources of a humble nation such as mine are not infinite. as such i surrender to the enemies of black reunification, especially facepunch alliance and order of teh sword. i have failed in my mission and am very sad. please accept these terms and dont make fun of this thread. i just want the war to end. sorry to those nations on black who were going to see real change from the normal but i guess that wont happen now. signed, tolwyn, leader of the dark lords. also mods close this thread once they agree to my surrender please.
  18. less people are playing because they divide up among different alliances, instead of making one big alliance that can crush everyone.
  19. im just saying, im at a big disadvantage. all i have to rely on is the advice of the supreme lords of the black team, while the resources of an alliance such as OTS are infinite. yet i still continue to fight on, causing anarchy and massive losts of damage.
  20. yeah so what its easier for you, you have 400 more infrastructure than i do. and you were at the max strength in my range to declare on me. all in all im doing pretty well considering the fact i have limited resources and im outnumbered three to one against enemies who are bigger than me (well two of them are i already took care of the other one lmfao) i am winning battles due to my sheer military wit, which can not be matched up against no matter how many cruise missiles you use.
  21. is there an automatic way to do this. it takes too long to hold down the shift key, type a letter, let go of the shift key, type a letter, and then repeat.
  22. cowards! you sent a nation after me with 400 more infrastructure than i have. but that is of little importance, as i have bested him in battle so far. too afraid to fight somebody bigger than you? i have also anarchied one of your nations. i am doing so much more damage to OTS than they are doing to me, yet they insist on continuing the war. even though im outnumbered three to one i continue to inflict massive damage and gain huge profits. i will be expecting your request for unconditional surrender soon.
  23. well i have been banned from posting in caps lock for no reason. but that will not censor the voice of reason that is the dark lords.
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