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  1. They are bullies without morals. I expect myth to be here shortly to speak of his disdain for them in overly-worded short stories.
  2. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1330934038' post='2933766'] Its only with GOONS we can see from the AA and know it is going to be a fail post. With both nippy and mrwuss are the only ones I have to click view post to see it, both of them GOONS with nothing good to contribute ever. [/quote] The lack of someone worth the effort of a well thought out response is what you are seeing. You are not worth a real conversation because you bring nothing to the table except parroting what another idiot already posted. If you would like to sit down and have a discourse then please let me know.
  3. 50b and 50k tech will be the reps divided equally between members, anyone who has been under the AA since your DoW. That includes people who leave. That way you can't disband to avoid paying.
  4. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1330894529' post='2933328'] Nippy and mrwuss, I suggest you take Sardonic's lead and kindly bow out to avoid even further embarrassment. Taking on Merrie Meoldies and Methrage is above your pay grade. [/quote] Thanks for the suggestion and the backhanded quip. I have a suggestion for you as well.
  5. I wish Roq would stop turning every thread in the OWF into his soapbox on who he hates that week/day/cycle. Sorry he has taken over your thread ODN
  6. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1330848061' post='2933074'] Look in a mirror, then you'll see who's opinion really doesn't matter to anyone. Keep feeling important with your meaningless posts though, which only highlight the fact that GOONS really do have no standards in who they accept. [/quote] His opinion on GOONS does matter to GOONS and to those misrepresenting GOONS. Your opinion on GOONS doesn't matter to [i]anyone[/i]. We also have standards. You are just so blinded by your own vitrol to see them. There is the difference.
  7. It is not just outsiders who are hissed off stage when they suck at mercy terms. GOONS are required to use mercy when they screw up the few rules we do have on internal policy. If they present crap they are mocked and made to feel tiny too. Mercy is a means to an end, not the beginning. We don't owe you anything if you are coming to us for mercy, except a keen eye for art and a love for Harry Potter fanfics.
  8. [quote name='r00tn00b' timestamp='1330676453' post='2931873'] So you admit you are wrong, and I am right. good, argument over, HRIO IS WRONG GOONS WIN. [/quote] We have won nothing. There is no prize being given. Let's all trick-or-treat for Unicef and find peace for all.
  9. [quote name='Beefspari' timestamp='1330612530' post='2931248'] Don't worry, I'm helping out. mrwuss and I declared on a Kaskus war virgin and anarchied him. [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aerisdisL9.jpg[/img] Your strategy is to DoW on us and then go inactive? [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aeriswutL1.jpg[/img] [/quote] Good plan, sound plan.
  10. I am sorry to see it has come to this. Killing innocent soldiers has never solved anything. Declaring on GOONS has worked out wonderfully for everyone so far. Kaskus will show us how it is done.
  11. We should make more allies and call them in too.
  12. [quote name='Lord Caparo' timestamp='1330598991' post='2931158'] Yes but at least i know what a bunch of asshats you all are and how you find it funny to demand stupid stuff from a nation when all this is supposed to be is a fun time, not Extortions are us. [/quote] The mercy board brings many entertaining things to light. Sorry you don't enjoy it. Guess you should stay in a position that won't require you to post to it in the future! Sorry for your ill will towards us! Maybe we can have a chat later on and come to a resolution that both of us can be happy with!
  13. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1330596941' post='2931150'] So if all that is true, what is the difference between the 22 nation MONGOLS (Microalliance) and the 21 nation FnKa (band of rogues)? [/quote] I edited the post you quoted to state that I do not recall specifics on fnka. But I would assume we let our friends in the fight due to NS on fnka. Our friends will show you why Umar is our upper tier.
  14. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1330596280' post='2931146'] What? The Mongols have similar nation counts to The Ninjas/FnKa, why would one by a microalliance and the others be a group of rogues? You have to understand, I don't really care about your definition of what an AA is, but Beefspari made a bold statement about how unlikely it would be for GOONS to call in assistance to deal with this "micro" and I just pointed out that history tells us otherwise. [/quote] If you didn't care about the answer, the definition of alliance versus rogue, then why did you ask a question that centered
  15. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1330595566' post='2931142'] Didn't you call in assistance against The Ninjas and FnKa, both micros? inb4 wanting to share with allies, allies jumped in on their own, etc. [/quote] Rogues are not micros, groups of rogues are not micros. Not the same. Even if you consider them to not be rogues, it doesn't matter since your viewpoint will not change our's or what is required to be considered an alliance (and thus not a rogue. If you initiate the fight against us we WILL DO THE FOLLOWING; Get Reps, Get Laughs, Let our allies in on the fun. This is how
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