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  1. Once again it's perfect. Thank you!
  2. Perfect! It's nice to see... after all these years, we finally earned the rank of "Newbie"
  3. 100% confirmed! Thank you so much!
  4. I'm waiting for this as well, but our current coordinates are still 87% effective. Our Guru's may believe that a change is not worth the expense. I would make the change regardless, but I still don't know how to locate 100% myself. Hats off to all those that are attempting this... you are the best of us. I'll check back.
  5. Perfect! Thanks again!
  6. Perfect! Thank you so much... and Happy New Year!
  7. Once again... perfect. Thank you again!
  8. Perfect... thank you, and have a safe holiday!
  9. 90% after the change, I was reluctant to spend the cash on the move. I chose to go ahead with the move and I'm glad I did. Spot on once again. Thank you so much.
  10. Perfect! Thanks again, and you guys stay healthy.
  11. Perfect! Thanks so much gang.
  12. Thank you Thank you Thank you
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