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  1. Thrash, Your willingness to abandon Invictus for NG isnt much of a mystery. Your on a collision course with the end of the world and realized the fastest way to get there was to jump into a doomed crusade. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  2. Stewie, That's certainly true. Ive been trying to figure out how an alliance so respected and well versed in diplomacy and war got so spectacular outclassed in both fields by peons.
  3. Zigular, Your obsession with Terminator would be comical if wasn't just another example of how truly sad your existence has become. Until your presence here is anything more than a hollow echo of bygone years you should stick to observation. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  4. NGers, Congrats on a successful transition of power. Burn it all down, Joseph M. Black
  5. Trumped up charges? You rogued out on IRON when you disband. And anyone reading the channel can see Occulus could wallpaper a house with your incidents. NGers, What "interests" do you imagine Occulus has in FTW?
  6. GK, With implies they were bored and we had the only war in town. So they joined us in kicking NG around for a while. As others have said, Occulus business with NG is their own. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  7. Stewie, I'm crying about how boring my last few wars have been. When will the fun come back? Grandpa, where are the real warriors? I cant find them in NG. Humble, Joseph M. Black
  8. Actually Ben Barnes' Dorian Gray has traditionally been my avatar. Its only been the last half year or so that I've used Cillian Murphy. The reason for the sudden change is that my Chronicles of Darkness session has taken a discord shift and Cillian was already being used by another player. Being unfamiliar with discord and the ability to use multiple avatar a return to Barnes' Gray was a good way to balance both. The similarities between the two are the result of nature and unintended genetics.
  9. GK, I'm only aware of our allies fighting wars with us. NG does seem to have really !@#$ the bed though, maybe they shouldnt act like rogues. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  10. Ericsw, From what I understand from RV, this is tactics. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  11. RV, Your a funny man, its only natural humor would be used to mask your failings.
  12. RV, I wasn't referring to Peacemode. I was talking about wars where they didn't bother launching so much as a single CM. But it's still amusing your side cowers in fear and calls it strategy. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  13. RV, Tactics, like roll over and play dead? Save just a few it seems to be the most used tactic I've seen. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  14. If I could invent the wheel as it were, I'd say let go of the past. We use to give the once a week micro DoE crap that they weren't relevant. But we need them more than ever now. This game is dying because we make it impossible to compete. We need to stop doing what we've always done expecting different results.
  15. Friends, I know we're all excited for our next date and it is our turn to ask, but we should really hold off until the ink dries on the paper. GK has been an amazing dancing partner and we're sad to see him retire. Let's leave this peace treaty as a positive retirement party. Yours truly, Joseph M. Black P.S. Neo, that's all any stats ever are.
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