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  1. There is no stopping our agenda.
  2. He learned from the best. But, timing is everything!
  3. Why did you have to crush this thread so quickly?
  4. Hart just making peace happen.
  5. Understandable that you don't remember. You were probably too busy while in PM. Can be confirmed by checking your site: http://cybernations.lyricalz.com/nation/254470 Sarkin, looks like others took care of it.
  6. TLR hereby surrenders and admits defeat to DoD, IRON, Sengoku, VE, and Argent. TLR agrees not to re-enter the war and may not aid any alliance still involved in the war until after official peace declarations have been made. For DoD Elders, Bassman Hormones Jesse James The Blessed, Anakey Dragonaspect Mali Raymond Jaeger For IRON Signed, The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor duelking, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor Montosh, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor Baron Aaron, Deputy Minister of Defense, IRON Councilo
  7. I now have a grudge against WC because she is trying to get people to drop grudges. Please add it to the list.
  8. I am the leader of TITS. We are warring Misfits and skaro.
  9. I didn't say you declared with the warriors or skaro, I said you guys got help from (and much needed help, at that). Misfits is a crater right now, I'm not sure how you are claiming anything else.
  10. I'm sure that is the case. You're not worth comparing TE resumes. You can keep saying what you want, but everyone knows my history with TE plenty. You saying that does not make it at all true.
  11. That seems like a suitable response instead of answering the question. So, let's just get a quick rundown- You declared on day two with $7M in a round that starts people with $25M. You didn't account that some AA's didn't have everyone on their AA at that time, nor have a plan for this. You got help from tW and then skaro. It seems you didn't plan for the war to last longer than one set of declares, based off of the WC's of your AA. (Or maybe longer than two days.. based on many of them.) You have yet to acknowledge the legitimacy of AA's that are beating Misfits down, nor their secre
  12. Are you saying TITS is not a real AA? We currently have half of Misfits NS, nearly four times the ANS, and more nukes. I shall rule Misfits all rogues based on this information.
  13. That didn't answer the question at all. What makes you think all OP nations are under the AA tag two days into the round? Did you plan for some not being on it?
  14. What makes you think all OP nations were on the AA on the second day, particularly in a round only 30 days long (and shorter time between wonders) when it would be beneficial to stack for a little extra time?
  15. Do you really have hate that will last for rounds, though? These guys aren't anywhere near the level needed for planning, building, and coordinating. Most guys had shit war chests. With Marcus, last he had people that could build and was persuasive enough to get people to fight. Here? We'll probably stomp them handily while they whine, and that'll be that. If they come back, it'll be more like a pin prick than a stabbing. They're best bet is to hope we attack other people and they don't to build up enough to be a threat. But it really takes about three nations to beat misfits and not
  16. I don't really mind their actions this round. Fuck, I didn't even realize this round was only one month long. Being prepped on the second day really should have been mandatory. That said, it doesn't really change that doing something like hitting people that early will still make them mad at you.. past this round. I mean, TE is really based on trust and paranoia. You trust people to help you in times of need, and you're paranoid that people will hit you at certain times. So, misfits and the warriors, you might have just made a couple AA's paranoid about you striking they're c
  17. Could be you trying to deflect from the valid points others have made about NPO. This has nothing to do with Seng-NPO during EQ. We're just people pointing out the obvious in regards to your bank nations, putting some numbers along with all the talk of people.
  18. Oh I have no problem calling it a defensive war of an ally. Seems you and I both agree with that. Which also means we should both agree that TOP did not attack TIO. TIO had (and has) every right to declare on TOP, but they claimed something they had no right to (that TOP DoW'ed them).
  19. Absolutely. The rest of Plan B is free to declare on that AA. It does not mean that AA declared on the rest of Plan B. Glad you got the order right.
  20. So you agree that TIO has declared on TOP, and not the other way around? The war isn't as consequential, I'm sure, as to who declared on who.. for some other purposes.
  21. Sure, those AA's (the other signatories) consider themselves at war. It says nothing that indicates an external AA is DoW'ing all three when they DoW one of them.
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