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  1. You've done this community such a good service for so long Gopher, and you have our thanks.
  2. Politics has been dead around here for longer than half of you have BEEN around here.
  3. Okay, and? Why exactly are we opposed to alliances doing whatever they can to win at a minimum cost to themselves? They don't exactly hand out trophies for Pyrrhic victories.
  4. If you have allies on opposite sides of a coalition, that's a problem. It is also often a problem of your own making.
  5. At a certain point you have to be willing to tell your allies that you can't refrain from picking a side just to preserve their allies, so GG to you there.
  6. I think it can best be summed up as thus: That some of my allies are friends does not mean that all of my friends must be allies.
  7. Treaties are political tools, first and foremost. I've been beating this drum for what seems like an eternity now, but this is not a friendship simulator. If you want one of those, go hop on facebook and play some words with friends. CN is a game of war and politics, and the people who actually engage in the kind of treaty maneuvering that you describe are the people who actually tend to win at the game.
  8. The number of people using the OWF has declined, which naturally has had an effect on the signal to noise ratio. As to the gameplay side of it, well, that was !@#$ years ago and is simply a different kind of !@#$ now.
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