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  1. I don;t want to say that it's a huge improvement over the default ui, but it definitely got rid of that annoying control based ui which never quite worked. It's worth using.
  2. Suppose that in your history class, they taught you the 'truth.' What is the evidence that links the pilgrims' celebrations, and the thanksgiving that Pope Urban made? Are you going off of their proximity in the calendar, or are you just claiming that any thankksgiving celebrated is the same as the one Urban instituted? Is there something else? I can't see any connection between them.
  3. The 'Bastion' treaty was debated extensively within MHA government upon its presentation to us. Many of us opposed it strongly because of the fact that it would tie us to a number of alliances with which we had little to no experience or communication with. The opinions were strongly split, and so we presented it to the membership for further review (although, by that time, it was practically doomed as far as MHA involvement was concerned.) Sponge evidently had been spying on our forums and reported it in such a way as to suggest that the involved parties were creating a bloc to destroy the
  4. Sounds like you're trying to paint an allegory for capital punishment. To be quite honest, from a pseudo-Utilitarian's perspective, this man is a hero and should be given free reign to kill whatever serial killer he wishes. And even if you don't subscribe to such views? How is this man any different from a law enforcement officer or whatever sanctioned agent you wish to offer as society approved? You ask me if I would want 130 serial killers loose, or one. It's not a difficult answer, but if you've padded your philosophy with such convenient things as moral absolutes and ironic misconce
  5. It's still legible, no? Are you implying that you would care more about reading it if it were new?
  6. You are a man of exquisite tastes, Mr. Imperium.

  7. Zomg! Samurai Pizza Cats!

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