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    Do you buy tech? Do you have a hard time filling all your aid slots with tech deals?

    Well look no further!

    I have a very good history of sending tech on time, and I send reminders if you forget to send cash.

    I currently sell 100t for $9m. However, I am looking to raise prices to 18m for 100t. I send 100 tech, you send $9M to two nations of my choice.

    If you are interested in buying tech from me at that price, then let me know! Thanks.

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    Alpha Wolves

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  1. I promised myself and some folks that I wouldnt reply again... but I think this is an exception. I love this. This is great.
  2. This is the link to the unofficial CN discord: https://discord.gg/TTkxCJQNsb You can find folks more easily there. Higher likelihood that they will be "live" when you are. That discord channel has links to discord channels for various other alliances
  3. Just so we're clear... you think these logs show NG sitting by as it grows itself peacefully? I am genuinely interested. It's not every day I read about other alliances being referred to as tools for taking down whales, being rolled afterwards as they rebuild, or trying to turn a bloc to different ends... If that's what you believe, then I can at least understand why y'all are being so mean, I.e., you actually dont see anything wrong in that discussion
  4. Congratulations! I dont know KORT so well, but CRAP is excellent
  5. No, I'm grumpy that we agreed to a war where you get to fight CLAWS and a small number of allies. Which, from what I can tell, is what NG/Cobra wanted. I am indifferent as to whether or not you get rolled. I am opposed to you getting what you wanted. It's not that hard to understand.
  6. Just commenting to say I had no desire to see ng and cobra rolled. I was (and am) indifferent on that.
  7. I dont mind the war. I have too much infra anyway. I dont like that cobra and NG are getting what they want. Personally I wish the wars would last longer (and be much bigger) than scheduled/agreed, or be white peace.
  8. Tanko: if you were asking about responsibility, then fine. I take full responsibility for the actions of claws. I stand by them. I thought you were asking for me to explain or give reasons. I can't do that - it wasn't my call. Johnny, I find I am agreeing with you. Which is not what I expected but I can work with that. To be clear, it had been my hope that we (claws and cobrasphere) could be friendly even if not friends. But if it must be keeping our distance, then so be it. I have left all your discords - have fun.
  9. The only nation I've ever seen to say this is Banned
  10. See, that's how I feel (but in reverse, of course).
  11. I mean... I didnt plan it. I plan econ stuff. My AA and allies plan FA stuff. I stand by them even though I think the peace negotiations were handled poorly from what little I know (I also wasnt in those either). You can play make believe otherwise I guess, that's cool.
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