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  1. I hear that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  2. You're doing it wrong; we're actually more evil than NPO and old GOONs and kicking puppies and everything else bad combined. Leo suits you (in each and every one of the numerous things that implies).
  3. I've single-handedly made some of the worst posters have even worse posts.
  4. HeroofTime and LittleRena (among others) have taken to copying my new posting style. You're all welcome for ushering in this new age.
  5. Hey just like the peace mode thing NPO said was unreasonable. Fancy that. I don't know why you mentioned "this Pacifician soldier" though, it's not like we're asking for reps from NPO. This is something those other alliances are having to deal with. Unless you're saying "NPO believes CoJ should do eternal war rather than pay reps. Good luck!"
  6. The smallest dogs bark the most. And misuse the hell out of "we/us"
  7. Putting yourself in a 2-man AA with a friend does not disqualify you from being sanctioned for rogue actions. If it worked that way, nobody would ever be sanctioned. Every rogue would be "an alliance" by declaring themselves the king of a new AA.
  8. You're a coward for posting this blog.
  9. Your side's stance is "DH declared for no reason and it's unjustified," get it right. You can't keep changing the opinion when it suits you. And no, you're still wrong. Both because KN isn't an alliance and because there were other unfulfilled sanctions.
  10. RV is not a rogue and will never be sanctioned. Not unless people want to start using sanctions as a war weapon, which has already come up once in this war and people backed down from the idea because it's a storm they don't want to start. And NSO fought in the war, which is more than I can say for a majority of the alliances "fighting" us. They didn't chicken out of anything. They stayed in for the allies they cared about and left when they had no more need. NSO berated other alliances on their own side for not fighting. And they were willing to pay reps higher than what they got, while most of the others just whine about getting reps. The fact that RV wants to fight more just shows the stark contrast between NSO/RV and the rest of the losing coalition. If anything, NSO is the best alliance on your side and you should feel ashamed you're not them.
  11. Have to be honest DrBeef, this isn't your best comic.
  12. This summarizes all of HoT's interactions with other humans for all of time.
  13. You have to do or say something very spectacularly dumb to appear in a That Guy comic. Methrage has made a special appearance numerous times. You can take that as a vague compliment if you like.
  14. They didn't lose, they just didn't win is all. You didn't beat them, they just admitted defeat. They would never surrender to the likes of you, just agree to your terms and declare you the victor.
  15. Maybe he's making a statement that CoJ is forgettable, or amounts to nothing!
  16. I don't think there is any numeric amount of fleeing implied by that phrase, only that the people doing so are running as far and as fast as they can.
  17. In what alternate universe is 1.8 only 18% of 4.8? And GOONS being a bottom-heavy alliance, a round or two of aid/reps will bring most of us back where we were. And we have 45 new applicants at the moment. Besides which you're acting like nothing is relative and this won't look a lot better if all our enemies are just as bad off, or in fact worse.
  18. If all 11 alliances attacked just GOONS with no expectation of us surrendering then I'd say the entire "strategy" going on revolves around just taking a pot shot at GOONS when people have the chance to do so. In which case there's no actual strategy, just desired destruction of GOONS, and reps are completely justified. The opinions and expectations of people not hitting us aren't that relevant.
  19. I'm working on it, but you keep trying to dissuade me from attacking you.
  20. Yes, GOONS is literally all about PR. You figured us out.
  21. Stupid Newbie seniority of 1 day or less: 44 Granted a good chunk of those probably won't stay. But this is just the beginning.
  22. Technically I believe ML started their section of the war. They started by attacking MK and Umb nations that they declared "rogues" for attacking TPF nations without a formal DoW. MK/Umb posted a recognition of hostilities. So the arrows should be reversed.
  23. People need to stop declaring on GOONS if only because it's so hard on the chart makers.
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