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  1. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1337606603' post='2970236']
    Well when you upgrade your relationship to trash ............ Gotta expect something here. The cancellation was a good note.
    Yeah, we went from an MDoAP to an MDoAP. I can see why everyone is so up in arms.

  2. [quote name='Phineas' timestamp='1332904841' post='2944019']
    Very reasonable.

    I wish you were the one negotiating the end to this. GOONS are great at starting wars, but not quite so good at ending them in rational ways.

    Good luck and best wishes in ending this.
    MONGOLS has said no to 18m. There's really no lower we can go on reps than that. That can literally be accomplished by a single nation in one round of aid. That's less than 1m per nation MONGOLS has. We're not the ones being unreasonable/irrational.

  3. [quote name='Vol Navy' timestamp='1332820220' post='2943584']
    I just have to shake my head and laugh at most of this stuff. GOONS were completely dominated during DH/NPO and the alliance still hasn't recovered in spite of massive aid fall and reps they received. They lost hundreds of nations to deletion over the course of the war and now have to have massive numbers of allies jumping onto their AA if they have to fight more than 3 or 4 50k+ NS nations (see current conflict). Sure they can dogpile the bottom 10-20 percent of most alliances. But those players can get back all that GOONS can destroy over the course of weeks of war after a cycle of aid.
    Wow, I've never seen misinformation this blatant before. We lost [i][b]hundreds[/b][/i] of nations during DH/NPO? We always [i][b]gain[/b][/i] nations during wars, because we recruit during them (wars are good for business). We always keep track of number of nations of us and foes because we can always use it as insult fodder back and forth. "CoJ has so far lost 3 nations and we've gained 12. What up?" Besides, we've [i][b]never[/b][/i] lost [i][b]hundreds[/b][/i] of nations to [i][b]anything[/b][/i]. We always have somewhere around 200-220 nations. A bit more after a recruitment drive, but most will lose interest. The most we ever had at one time was about 300, after Facepunch merged into us, and 90% of them deleted 30 days later, and then another 90% another 30 days later. I think we only have about two left. And you still understand nothing of how Doomhouse works. Maybe next do a paragraph about how we've sustained trillions in damages to our 5k NS nations that can never be recovered by aid.

  4. [quote name='the rebel' timestamp='1332813672' post='2943558']
    Because you never said that, you said "All wars result in losses on both sides." No where did you specifically state where "the other side lost more." This has been a fun conversation. :)
    Right, I never said that. Except in the second half of the sentence you edited.

    [quote name='Beefspari' timestamp='1332808066' post='2943510']
    Even if it was hundreds of millions, [i][b]it's nothing to the destruction and outgoing reps of the losing parties[/b][/i].

  5. [quote name='RePePe' timestamp='1332807120' post='2943503']
    Not to input my own opinion but to rather clarify what I feel he was trying to say:

    His point was that if you take the reps gained and subtract the money sent by Umbrella to keep GOONS fighting, that it wasn't much of a victory financially for DH.

    Personally, I have no idea what either of those numbers are, so I can't say what the net financial loss/gain was. I'd be curious to know though if anyone has the stats.
    Money to large nations is nothing. Tell Umbrella they lost some money and they're going to say "So?" Even if it was hundreds of millions, it's nothing to the destruction and outgoing reps of the losing parties. All wars result in losses on both sides. The real question is where the participating alliances are now in relation to one another. Do I need to mention which side had alliances disband, and which side is sporting a shiny new pip?

  6. [quote name='Hiro Nakara' timestamp='1332791439' post='2943409']
    Well clearly by the amount of views and responds, people have found it interesting.[/quote]
    People aren't reading this thread for the reason you think they're reading this thread. I personally rate this thread five stars.

  7. [quote name='Canik' timestamp='1332748168' post='2943258']
    Nah, Bob has at least another 3-4 years left at minimum. There will be enough time for people to seek retribution. It could be close enough to the end though that the relevance is debated, some of that has already happened actually. People debating the relevance, that is.

    Anywho, time will tell.
    What kind of retribution are we talking? Do you mean Roguefest 2012, or Coalition vs GOONs 2? Because I'll take either. We could use a few billion more in reps.

  8. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1332726217' post='2943130']
    What happens if you tech raided a nation who was friends with the Emperor of the NPO (Hypothetically speaking). The Emperor, who sees this person every day, sends a couple thousand troops and a few million dongs to help his buddy.

    What now? Do you declare war on NPO and trigger a great power conflict right out the blue? With no consultation with your allies?
    You speak about this hypothetical situation as if this is how it happened with MONGOLS. First of all, this friend was on either none or a 1-man AA (I forget which) with no indication that he was friends with anyone, much less MONGOLS. If this guy was a friend of theirs, they should've gone to any amount of effort to let it be known. Secondly, we didn't just go declare on MONGOLS. First we spoke to their gov. They backed the action and did not A) cast the person out as a rogue, or B) intend to do anything about it. As they have shown they're just reckless and would rather destroy all 40 of their nations than admit any wrongdoing. It doesn't matter if the rep amount is 1m or 18m (let's be honest, 18m is piddly pocket change which a single nation can complete in 10 days flat).

    So yes, we would declare on NPO given the following facts: 1) They sent aid to a nation we're at war with, especially if they sent soldiers and labeled it "war aid," 2) Their gov said their doing so is totally fine and sanctioned by their government, and 3) They flipped us the double deuce when we asked for compensation for aiding nations we're at war with.

    But you can fill in the word "NPO" and make it a blank space and it would apply to any alliance who does that to us. And to be honest, it kind of surprises me that people in this thread are saying they'd let people get away with it. Though I have low expectations of our detractors in the first place, so it doesn't really surprise me [i][b]that[/b][/i] much.

  9. [quote name='Alterego' timestamp='1332613394' post='2942667']
    If you behave like a spoilt kid on a power trip peoples attitude towards you reflects that.
    [00:18:41] <%Beefspari> Also calling it now
    [00:18:50] <%Beefspari> Someone will say it's okay MONGOLS did that, since we "drove" them to it

    You people are so flipping predictable. Schat made a post about how we're "terrible people" and I showed that MONGOLS did much the same stuff that he condemned us for. But it's okay that [i][b]they[/b][/i] did it. I can't roll my eyes hard enough. And they were already rolled pretty hard when people said it was totally cool to aid people alliances are fighting.

  10. [quote name='Phineas' timestamp='1332571579' post='2942537']
    Now, where were we? Oh, watching the only circus in town, the GOONIES doing what they do best: grind alliances to nothingness over inconsequential things.
    Okay, since you brought it up, you can answer this for me. Why is it our fault this war is ongoing? MONGOLS were given multiple chances to end the conflict. More than one before it even started. Instead they've been insistent on not paying a dime. They haven't made any attempt to discuss, negotiate, or counter-offer whatsoever. And it's not just reps, either. Rather than attempt a Mercy term they just insulted us. So why should we be bending over backward to give peace to people who indicated they'd rather just suicide 40 nations against us until they all delete? Why should the winning party have to do all of the leg work? Why should we be expected to offer white peace to anyone who just doesn't "feel like" paying reps? Historically this has been everyone who has ever fought us, and most of the people who haven't. Yes, we're currently in the process of grinding alliances into nothingness, but it's because they have absolutely no interest in attempting to attain peace. How is that [i][b]our[/b][/i] fault?

  11. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1332563974' post='2942501']
    I'm absolutely tickled pink that in a post in which you extol GOONs for a perception of our dehumanization of victims you describe us in such an equally dehumanizing fashion. :)
    I wasn't even thinking about that. I was thinking how one-sided the rant is. Yes, we were making fun of someone in the mercy board -- where people who've made terrible decisions go. But it's not as if we only take jabs at foreigners. On the same page, in fact the entry just before the MONGOLS one, is a thread with a title I can't legally restate here. Which insults and makes fun of an idiot goon who did stupid things and is now gone. A more recent entry, the ongoing story of one of our more terrible members of all time, and several pages citing his idiotic exploits. A few entries down, two entries titled "I @#$%ed Up" where goons beg for forgiveness from their peers (something I've done myself). Our hall of shame includes a sixteen page thread of an incompetent member who is insulted page after page for baffling life decisions before his nation disappears for even stupider things. Our goldmine's latest entry is a "don't be like this guy" thread about the life and times of one of the worst goon nations ever. It's just that some foreigners have such thin skin. Although I find that suggestion hard to believe, or have much sympathy for the feelings of MONGOLS: [i]literally their entire Mercy entry was vulgar, personal insults of one goon member after another[/i], lovingly titled "[url="http://cngoons.com/board/index.php?topic=11217.msg117327#msg117327"]OK you HOMO's here it is[/url]." I suppose Schat conveniently forgot that or didn't think it an important detail.

  12. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1332554236' post='2942437']
    I'm not discounting the legitimacy of you fighting Kaskus. I'm just curious why you feel its necessary to extract reparations from them. They were after all, defending an Allied party. I could maybe understand reps from Mongols, but they have made it clear they would rather be destroyed.

    And either way, what exactly is it the destruction of Kaskus and Mongols going to accomplish? Will your strategic position be improved by the death of these two alliances? I am thinking not, though perhaps you think otherwise?
    You keep asking these questions despite being answered repeatedly. To answer them yet again: it's necessary to get reps from Kaskus because they DoWed on us. That's our policy. End of story. What's it going to accomplish? Us upholding our policy. We haven't made exceptions for this policy in the past for people "just defending an ally" because that's what the vast majority of DoWs are over. We're not about to give people free reign to attack us without consequences. A better question is what they plan to accomplish. Do you think their strategic position is going to improve by destroying all their nations? Think about it: they're the ones making this war last. Our offer is on the table and they're choosing war over it. It's not our fault their destruction is currently ongoing.

  13. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1332509590' post='2942131']
    Rather than join GOONS, people could join MK or Umbrella as they try getting them to cancel Doomhouse. Also people could do the same with PB alliances
    Wow, all it would take to destroy DH and PB is for some low-seniority non-gov nations to join the other AAs and say "You should totally cancel on GOONs?" Why hasn't anyone tried this yet?

  14. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1332508135' post='2942123']
    No, its the part where you try extorting money out of anyone who tries fighting back. If you attack them they should fight back and so should their allies, but if you're the one being aggressive to start the whole incident you shouldn't be trying to extract reps.
    Your opinion of when reps are appropriate is noted, but we disagree. And we have a longstanding policy which we always remind everyone of and uphold. So if people continue to ignore it and attack us thinking we won't charge them reps, they have only themselves to blame. We can hardly be blamed for the actions of others.

  15. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1332507617' post='2942120']
    You guys declare on alliances or individuals way smaller than yourselves
    So this is the final factor? You can only stand up for your principles if you attack people larger than yourself? When you attack someone larger you're brave and courageous, but if you attack someone smaller no matter what the motivation (like them aiding nations you're at war with), you're always a coward? I guess that just confirms the vibe I've been picking up since I got here. That seems to be how our detractors think in a nutshell.

  16. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1332472767' post='2942022']
    I disagree. Its not like there is anything else going on. Let the Peanut Gallery throw their peanuts!

    That said, I am still baffled as to why this war is still on going. Even if GOONS does get Reps they won't in any way equal the damage this is causing. I am sure you guys have made your point, whatever it might be. I believe I asked this question in the last thread, but honestly never really got an answer. What exactly is it that is going to be accomplished here? I simply don't see how anyone can come out a winner in this fight.
    Apply this exact question to MONGOLS/Kaskus and you'll begin to understand the situation. What do they have to gain by continuing to fight? It's even more confusing as they've claimed they're probably just going to delete rather than admit any wrongdoing. I'm not sure what that accomplishes. But we at least have defense of our principles to continue to fight for. Plus, it's fun.

  17. [quote name='sigelopisan' timestamp='1332472308' post='2942019']
    Ahhh..... so this is how it works... well,.. cool. should ask more of them to "chip-in" your house to hit 2 micros. :lol1::lol1:
    I'm sorry it's hard for you to understand that in Doomhouse, GOONs does lower tier, MK does middle tier, and Umbrella does upper tier. If you guys had a 200k NS nation hitting Umar I'm sure Umbrella would chip in too.

  18. [quote name='Lord Caparo' timestamp='1332429893' post='2941613']
    Some nations who actually RESIGNED from there alliances and Joined kaskus, these nations are here to fight for Kaskus, not as mercenaries from NEW, they know what the game is, and they want to play it.

    Why not get a better Middle tier into of using another alliance? why not activate you "so powerful" Doomhouse treaty so that they can fight us on there AA? are you scared someone might step in?
    I'm confused. You're complaining we're getting help from MK, so as a result you think we should activate our Doomhouse treaty and get help from MK? Besides which, Doomhouse is an unspoken bond. MK and Umbrella don't need to post any DoWs. Our house is their house. They can chip in whenever they want without having to ask permission or explain themselves. That's just how Doomhouse works. If that explanation isn't good enough for you, maybe those MK nations resigned to join GOONs.

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