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  1. Everyone plots against the big bad GOONS nowadays because they're bored. I know we're horrible people etc, etc, etc bawww they kicked my dog, etc (I'd like to know what we do that is so "evil" beyond tech raiding, really. Do tell).
  2. So by default, GOONS are greifers due to him being there. I GET IT!
  3. Quite. Obviously, IC we're evil evil (I'm not an !@#$%^&, I just roleplay one on CN). OOC We're people who would us people's IPs against them (I've yet to see this happen, but obviously it's completely common). I don't even know anymore :|
  4. Oh no. I have to draw a picture to save my nation. WAIT CYBERNATIONS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.
  5. It's cool for everyone else to do it but not GOONS. I finally get how the forums work!
  6. Because this game is exactly like reality, yes? Also, you have it backwards. Obama would have to write the letter to Osama for peace.
  7. Once again, it is one of the ways that the nation can achieve peace (see the pretty pretty flowchart that Sardonic made). And it takes 5 minutes. BUT FIVE MINUTES IS A WASTE OF TIME you say, yes? IT'S EMBARRASSING you say, yes? I personally would take a mercy board post to paying any reps at all.
  8. You're right. We drive every last player from the game because no other alliance raids. Wait.....
  9. Actually, we have a list exactly like that, and if a GOON were to raid one of those people, they have to give reps to the nation and probably go through mercy as well. He explained the difference.
  10. Insert replies below of people pretending that they know better than our pilot.
  11. I just finished reading over the logs in their entirety. The entire thing is in a bad light. Hurr let's roll gons over nuffin durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Please <redacted> harder.
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