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  1. If it was designed to embarrass and humiliate people, don't you think the terms would be more, I don't know, embarrassing or humiliating? The whole thing is really quite silly when you look at it objectively. We ask people to write us poems or draw us pictures. It's designed to add some fun to a situation that is otherwise almost completely devoid of fun. It seems to me that the only way one could argue that the mercy board is humiliating would be if one had never even seen it.
  2. They benefit by having fun? There are numerous instances of raid targets going through the mercy process and having so much fun with it they join us after it's over.
  3. The message is it's funny when people get emotional over pixels.
  4. I'd like to thank all the little people who made this glorious day possible, thank you, thank you so much!
  5. Boy those sound handy, where can I get one of those?
  6. congratulations on wasting 10 days of back collections I guess?
  7. thats one of the best poems yet I really like that guy's style
  8. Thanks very much for fixing my name :)

  9. is a mountain of magic

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